Redmi is Releasing Two New Products, Including Automatic Wave Washing Machine, 799 yuan ($119.02)


This Redmi conference, in addition to two mobile phones, Lu also brought us two red rice accessories, including AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset and Redmi automatic wave washing machine.

AirDots true wireless Bluetooth headset

1 built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, fast automatic second connection; 2 weight is only 4.1g, comfortable to wear, not easy to fall off, single-use 4 hours, the longest available 12 hours; 3 double-click wake up voice assistant, control mobile phone to send WeChat, open navigation, Take a photo.

The price is 99.9 yuan ($148.82), which was officially released at the rice noodle festival on April 9. Redmi automatic wave washing machine

This is also the first home appliance of Redmi. The functions are as follows: 1 super washable: 8kg large washing capacity, can meet the family of four; 2 minimalist design, metal anti-corrosion body, simple operation easy to use; 3 support barrel self-cleaning The barrel is air-dried to avoid bacterial growth.

The price is 799 yuan ($119.02) (including shipping and installation fees), also on the April 9th festival in stock.

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