Redmi K30 Concept Phone: 64 Megapixels Lens, Snapdragon 865


The Redmi K20 Pro series is the first flagship mobile phone released after the independence of the Redmi mobile phone brand. It is very unique in terms of performance and appearance. Then as the follow-up successor, the next Redmi flagship phone is most likely the Redmi K30 series. Foreign media recently released a set of concept renderings of a set of Redmi K30 series mobile phones. In this set of concept renderings, the Redmi K30 gave up the telescopic lens design, but the rear camera still retains the design of the rear three lenses. Exterior.

The Redmi K30 series phone is still using the full-screen design appearance, but this time the design of the front camera has been changed. The front camera of the original Redmi K20 was designed with a telescopic design, but the Redmi K30 gave up the design appearance, and the front camera and the earpiece were all designed in the upper frame position of the mobile phone. The front camera of the Redmi K30 is a dual lens design, but the size of the two front cameras is very small.

The body of the Redmi K30 is designed with a curved surface. The front screen of the Redmi K30 is a hyperboloid design, and the back of the phone is also a hyperbolic design. At present, flagship mobile phones such as Samsung and Huawei like to adopt the hyperboloid design, so the Redmi K30 will adopt a similar design with such a screen and the body with a curved appearance. The Redmi K30 body will also be made of glass material, and the Redmi K30 will also support wireless fast charging, but whether it supports reverse wireless charging is still unknown.

The main lens of the Redmi K20 series mobile phone is a 48-megapixel lens, but on the Redmi K30 series mobile phone, the hardware parameters of the main lens have been upgraded to 64 Megapixels, and the photo capability of the Redmi K30 has been further improved. The rear three lenses of the Redmi K30 are designed with the upper and lower arrangement, and the design appears in the middle of the Redmi K20 has fundamentally changed. If the Redmi K30 is equipped with a new 64-megapixel lens, then there will be a greater improvement in the camera, and the hardware of the flagship phone is very powerful.

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The Redmi K30 will use the Snapdragon 865 processor, and there is no need to worry about performance. At present, as a continuation of the Redmi flagship series of mobile phones, there is no need to worry about performance and photography. However, the Redmi series is the glory mobile phone series. As for whether the naming rules will still be the Redmi K30 series, it is still unknown. At present, it can only be guessed according to the naming rules. Do you like the hardware parameters and design in the concept rendering of the Redmi K30? If the Redmi K30 is really on sale according to the appearance and hardware parameters in the concept rendering, will you support and buy it?

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