Redmi K40S VS Redmi Note 11T Pro Quick Comparison Review


The price of the Redmi K40S vs Redmi Note11T Pro is not much different, but the difference between the two models is quite obvious. Users who like OLED screens and pay attention to the feel can consider the Redmi K40S; users who like LCD and higher performance choose the Redmi Note11T Pro.

This model is essentially a small upgraded version of the previous Redmi K40. It mainly improves the heat dissipation area, the main camera anti-shake, and the charging speed to 67W. Secondly, the appearance changes are also more obvious, from rounded to right-angled vertical edges. The design and the rear rectangular lens module will look fresher.

In addition, the Redmi K40S mainly uses the Snapdragon 870 processor and the OLED screen made of Samsung E4 material. Although it has certain competitiveness, under the impact of many new Dimensity 8100 phones, the pressure is still not small.

The Redmi Note11T Pro features an LCD screen and a Dimensity 8100 processor. The quality of this LCD screen is quite good, it supports 144Hz seven-speed high-speed brush, and the brightness is also 650nit. However, it should be noted that this screen is a mixture of Huaxing and Tianma. Only the Pro+ is all Huaxing, but the image is not very large in terms of look and feel.

Secondly, the Dimensity 8100 processor has a higher positioning than the Snapdragon 870, with stronger performance and more balanced power consumption. It is the chip with excellent performance in the current mid-range SOC.

In addition, the Redmi Note11T Pro also uses a 67W wired flash charge, but the battery capacity reaches 5080mAh, and the battery life upgrade will be more obvious. The only regret is that this model is an all-plastic body, and the texture is much inferior!

In terms of photography, the performance of the two models is not much different, but the Redmi K40S has OIS optical image stabilization, which is a plus.

In general, Redmi K40S and Redmi Note11T Pro are more optimistic about the latter, after all, the performance and battery life are stronger, and in addition to the shortcomings of the LCD material itself, the quality of this screen is not bad! But if you are more concerned about screen display, brightness, and feel, choosing Redmi K40S is also very cost-effective!

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