Redmi K50 Pro Smartphone Officially Released with Dimensity 9000 at 2,999 yuan, $476


Tonight’s Redmi event saw the long-awaited debut of the K50 Pro, possibly the world’s first commercially available Dimensity 9000 flagship.

In terms of appearance, Redmi K50 Pro continues the family design of Redmi. At first glance, the rearview part is similar to the previous Redmi Note 11. At the same time, it also incorporates some designs of the most beautiful Xiaomi phone Civi, adopting a stepped scheme, including a camera.

There are four matching colors for ink plume, silver trace, magic mirror, you aeng, among which the illusion is a blue and purple gradient effect, while the ink plume inherits the design of the previous generation and makes a special texture in the lower corner of the fuselage. K40 is a damascus texture, and this time it is a space meteorite effect, which is very cool.

The front screen is one of the biggest highlights of Redmi K50 Pro. It’s the first Redmi 2K screen with a 6.67-inch Samsung flexible 2K AMOLED screen, resolution. Up to 3200*1440, 526PPI, display is very fine, but also support 120Hz refresh rate, peak brightness of 1200nit.

It obtained DisplayMate A+ screen certification and achieved 16 screen records, supporting full DC dimming, 16,000-level automatic brightness adjustment, ambient color temperature sensing, super-resolution touch control, Dolby Vision, AI HDR technology and so on.

In addition, the Victus protective glass of Corning gorilla improves the drop resistance by 1.5 times and scratch resistance by 2 times compared with the fifth generation gorilla glass of Corning gorilla.

Redmi K50 Pro still uses side fingerprint, but its recognition rate and speed are better than that of screen fingerprint, and the cost is lower.

In terms of performance, Redmi K50 Pro is equipped with Dimensity 9000 processor, based on the most advanced TSMC 4nm. It is also equipped with full life version LPDDR5 memory, and upgraded UFS3.1 high-speed flash memory, which integrates the three most powerful performance components at present, and the Antutu runs more than 1.04 million.

Redmi K50 Pro also built-in luxurious cooling system, a new generation of ultra-thin stainless steel VC, the total area of 3950 was, VC area covered by more than 72% of mainboard, tie-in 7 layers of graphite, as well as the copper foil, a variety of thermal conductive materials, such as gel with surface of VC stereo radiator system, release K50 series mobile phone in a strong performance at the same time, also can keep cool experience.

According to the official description, Redmi K50 Pro Dimensity 9000 can perform at almost full frame at 59fps in the original god game, and can last for 1 hour. The maximum body is only 46℃ at room temperature of 25℃.

In terms of battery life, Redmi K50 Pro is equipped with a 5000mAh battery and adopts a single cell design to make the body thinner and lighter. Meanwhile, it also has a self-developed fast charging chip of the same model as Mi 12 Pro, the Surge P1, which can achieve 120W super fast charging in seconds and can be fully charged in 19 minutes.

In terms of image, Redmi K50 Pro rear camera adopts 100 million pixel ultra-clear three-camera combination, which is 100 million pixel main camera +8 million pixel ultra-wide Angle +2 million pixel macro lens respectively. The main camera is Samsung S5KHM2, which supports OIS optical anti-shaking and greatly improves the photo speed. The ultra-wide lens has 119° wide angle.

The front-shot adopts 20 megapixel SONY IMX596, which provides more sufficient image data for portrait selfie, and repeated post-processing can also be clear and not blurred.

In addition,Redmi K50 Pro also supports 160MHz Wi-Fi Fi6, Wi-Fi Bluetooth low interference, antenna isolation design, Bluetooth 5.3, stereo dual speakers, X-axis motor, Beidou positioning + lane navigation, NFC3.0 and more, which is the most balanced top-tier flagship product in the history of Redmi.

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In terms of price, Redmi K50 Pro starts at 2999 yuan,$476 and comes in four versions, up to 3999 yuan,$634 for 12GB+512GB. Pre-orders will open at 9pm tonight, and the first sale will be at 10am on March 22.


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