Redmi K60 Pro Officially Released at 3,299 yuan, $471


Redmi officially launched the K60 series at the press conference, of which the K60 Pro is the absolute top model, hardware compared to the previous all-around enhanced.

First look at the appearance, the overall design of Redmi K60 Pro compared to the previous generation is obviously more fashionable, rear shooting using a unique 3-stage design, the two materials are integrated together, from the visual clever to reduce the footprint of the rear shooting, the appearance is more coordinated.

Positive is still in the hole screen, the previous generation of highly praised 2K straight screen has been continued, and greatly enhanced in specifications, or home-made, is Redmi and China Star photoelectric joint research and development, definition, joint adjustment, experienced more than 700 days of research and development and tens of thousands of screen debugging.

The specific specification is 6.67 inches, made of C6 material of Huxing Photoelectric, resolution is 3200* 1440, 526PPI, support 120Hz refresh rate +480Hz touch sampling rate, 12bit color depth, 5000:1 contrast, support true color display.

From the point of view of the parameters, this screen is enough to catch up with the top flagship screen produced by the international factory, but also support 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming, the use of more eye protection, goodbye to “spicy eyes”.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to the outstanding display quality, the screen also uses the flexible screen +COP package technology, which compresates the chin to 2.42mm width, even when the screen is not lit up.

This time also finally bid farewell to the side fingerprint, the use of optical fingerprint under the screen, bright screen unlock time at the fastest 200ms, also integrated heart rate detection function, through the Xiaomi sports health can be measured.

Performance is the most important highlight of K series, K60 Pro this time is equipped with the second generation of Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, using Taiwan Semiconductor 4nm process to build, the comprehensive performance is stable in the first Android, An rabbit run score of 1350526 points.

In addition, the machine is also equipped with the latest generation of LPDDR5X+UFS 4.0 storage specifications, is currently the industry’s strongest performance iron triangle, with a maximum of 16GB super memory, will greatly improve the running fluency and mobile phone life, with FBO refresh storage technology, after four years of simulation read and write speed attenuation is still close to 0%, long used as new.

At the same time, Redmi K60 Pro is also equipped with a luxury cooling system, 5000mm² large VC volume is the largest in the history of Redmi, high power graphite thermal conductivity increased to 1500w/mk, 15% higher than the previous generation, a total of 10 temperature sensors distributed in the body, accurate temperature control.

Powerful performance + cooling system, also let K60 Pro performance release more radical, Redmi directly brought the “fury engine”, can open the global 120Hz, let users achieve the freedom of frame rate, but also can maintain a more radical screen brightness strategy, will not play with the sudden “black screen”.

In the 180-minute running map of Xumi City in the Original God, the whole course is pulled to 60 frames (extremely high picture quality, 720P resolution), and it is stable in a straight line. The brightness of the whole course is unchanged at 300nit, and the whole course does not lock frames or decrease resolution.

Image is also one of the key points of this upgrade. K60 Pro has upgraded the IMX800 main camera of the same model as Xiaomi 13, with a size of 1/1.49 inch and a single pixel size of 1um. It supports Quad Bayer four-pixel integration to obtain equivalent 2.0um large fusion pixel, and the performance of dark light shooting has been greatly improved.

The main camera also supports OIS optical anti-shake, with Xiaomi Image Brain 2.0 to bring extremely fast shooting speed, greatly improving the shooting rate, at night can also be assured to extend the shutter time, so that the picture more clear and pure.

In terms of battery life and charging, K60 Pro built-in 5000mAh large battery, and through the self-developed surging P1 charging chip, to achieve a single cell fast charging scheme, so that large battery and high power fast charging, to achieve 120W fast charging, the fastest only 19 minutes can be filled, constant temperature mode 21 minutes.

At the same time, the K60 Pro will also popularize the wireless charging on the high-end flagship, equipped with 30W wireless charging, can be charged at a moment.

The official Redmi Wireless 30W charger is also available for 49 yuan for random purchase and retails for 149 yuan daily.

In terms of system, the K60 Pro is pre-installed with the new MIUI 14, which supports functions such as razor plan and photon engine, so that the fluidity and stability of the mobile phone can be significantly improved. The desktop UI has also brought a lot of changes, which is better than the previous two generations.

Redmi K60 Pro also supports multi-functional NFC 3.0, digital RMB hard wallet, campus card, dual-channel Bluetooth, three-dimensional double Yang, spatial audio 3.0, infrared remote control and more.

In terms of price, Redmi K60 Pro comes in five storage versions, starting at RMB3,299 for 8GB+128GB, RMB3,599 for 8GB+256GB, RMB3,899 for 12GB+256GB, RMB4,299 for 12GB+512GB, and RMB4,599 for 16GB+512GB. It goes on sale December 31.

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It is worth mentioning that this time Redmi also brought you a surprise, in addition to the basic color, also brought Redmi K60 champion version, which is Redmi’s first plain skin body products, appearance and ordinary version of the great difference, very cool.

The Redmi K60 Champion Edition is only available in 16GB+512GB and costs 4,599 yuan, the same as the standard edition.


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