Redmi K60 will be Available in 16GB+512GB Combination


As the flagship product line of Redmi, K40 series and K50 series have established the image of “door welder” for two generations in a row, and now Redmi K60 is coming to the market.

According to the blogger “digital chat station” today revealed that Redmi K60 will provide 16+512GB large-capacity combination, among which the top configuration is the second-generation Snapdragon 8+16GB LPDDR5X+512GB UFS 4.0.

For comparison, Redmi sells the K50 Prime model with up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

The update gives users more options, but the price of the standard version of the K60 is likely to increase.

According to the current revelations, there are three models in the K60 series: K60E, K60 and K60 Pro, respectively equipped with the Dimensity 8200, Snapdragon 8+ and second-generation Snapdragon 8 processors.

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In other news, Redmi K60 series will feature a 2K resolution screen with up to 120W of wired flash charging, 50 megapixels on the rear, and OIS optical anti-wobble.


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