Redmi MAX 86 Smart TV Review: Big Cinema Display at Your Home


Redmi released the first MAX series smart TV, the size reached an astonishing 98 inches, the price still continued Redmi’s gene of the ultimate price-performance ratio, among a large number of large-screen TVs with a price of more than 100,000+, Redmi directly pulled When it comes to the 19,999 yuan gear, it has greatly lowered the barriers to entry for ultra-large screen TVs.

One year later, at the Redmi K40 series press conference, Redmi brought the second large-screen product of the MAX series-Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV. This new TV product has carried out an all-round view in terms of picture quality, performance and functions. The price is only half of the average price of competing products of the same size. More importantly, this TV redefines the “maximum size of the TV with packaging into the elevator” and solves the problem that large-screen TVs are difficult to enter the home.


There is no doubt that the big TV’s big vision brings the super-shocking immersion advantage. For consumers, in addition to spending a lot of money to buy a large-screen TV, there is also a more realistic problem. Right, now-how does the big TV enter the home? In many cases, big TVs cannot be put into elevators at all. If they are to be installed in the home, they even need to be lifted by a crane. The transportation and installation costs will account for a fraction of the value of the TV itself.

If Redmi’s first MAX TV solves the problem of “big-screen TVs cannot be afforded “, then the new Redmi MAX 86” smart TV solves the problem of “the TV cannot enter the elevator with packaging. ” The outer packaging adopts a special-shaped design. The packaging is not a traditional rectangular parallelepiped, but a cut-corner design is carried out on the side of the packaging, forming a trapezoid-like packaging, making the most of every inch of the packaging space. Under a specific angle, the TV can be easily It’s easy to enter the elevator when entering the elevator.

Officials claim to “redefine the maximum size of the elevator that can be accessed by TV tape packaging”. It is reported that Redmi has also verified it in 290 communities in 58 cities after three months, and the measured elevator pass rate has reached 99.9%.

In terms of appearance design, Redmi MAX 86″ can be regarded as a reduced version of Redmi MAX 98″ smart TV, and the design language is basically the same. The front of the Redmi MAX 86″ adopts a full-screen design, the overall design is simple and generous, the frame is made of the all-metal wire drawing process, and the metal base is made of fine aluminium die-casting powder spraying process, which makes the hand feel delicate.

The Redmi MAX 86″ screen has reached an astonishing 86 inches, the screen size is equivalent to four 43-inch TVs, it can be called a giant in the living room, how big is it? The measured length of the TV by IT House reached 193cm and the height (with bracket) reaches 118cm and is placed on a table with a height of about 77cm, which is a head higher than the editor @正正 who is 185cm tall.

Thanks to the advantages of the super large screen, the frame can basically be “automatically ignored by the naked eye” at a viewing distance of more than 3m. After the screen is turned on, it is really a giant screen theatre in the living room.

In terms of screen display parameters, including 3840*2160 (4K) resolution, 178° viewing angle, DCI-P3 92% wide colour gamut coverage, 10bit professional colour depth, 1.07 billion colours, and each screen is performed After adjusting, the colour accuracy reaches dE 2.

The back of the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV uses a black back panel, and the upper part is made of metal. In order to facilitate the user to move the TV, there are two metal handles on the upper side of the back. This design is very intimate. With these two With the handle, two people can move the TV.

The TV interfaces are concentrated on the left side of the fuselage, and the interfaces include 3 HDMI (including one HDMI 2.1), 2 USB 2.0, 1 AV, 1 ATV/DTMB, and 1 network cable interface.

Among them, HDMI 2.1 supports up to 4K 120Hz signal input, has FRL (Fixed Rate Link fixed ratio bandwidth rate) transmission mode, and the transmission bandwidth can reach up to 48 Gbps. In addition, the HDMI 2.1 interface also includes dynamic HDR and variable refresh rate ( VRR), automatic low latency mode (ALLM), etc. The power cord of the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is integrated into the body, which requires attention. There are four obvious black screws on the back of the fuselage. This is the location of the wall-mounted expansion screws.

Picture quali

The Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV has a 120Hz high refresh rate screen and supports 120Hz MEMC, which can greatly improve the definition of dynamic pictures. In addition, it also supports 90 partitions of the dynamic backlight, and each partition can show 4096 levels of brightness changes.

Based on a customized independent APU neural network computing unit, Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV also supports AI dynamic scene recognition, including 22 image quality algorithms including colour, sharpness, and contrast. In other respects, the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV has achieved full support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG.

Let’s take a look at the picture quality and colour performance of the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV through a professional 4K test chart.

To emphasize, the pictures presented below are all taken by mobile phones and uploaded with compression and digital conversion, so they are for reference only and do not represent the real picture quality performance of the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV.

4K resolution test

If we zoom in to the part, the smallest text in the English area on the left can be displayed clearly, and the area pointed by the blue arrow (1080P) and red arrow (4K) can be displayed completely, and the text is not blurred.

In the 4K colour performance test, in terms of the colour map, the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV processed the colours of dark areas such as grey and brown in place, showing a uniform and soft transition.

The HSB colour system and colour map on the upper left side test the TV’s display ability very much. In terms of the colour map, blue and red are normal, but the green overflow in the G area is obvious, suppressing the yellow space, and the processing of green is still upgraded. space.

4K colour performance test

In the tone level restoration test chart, the performance of the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is acceptable, but in terms of the brightness level, the leftmost 255 and 254 areas are slightly overexposed.

4K tone level restoration test

In terms of the 256-level grayscale test, the sense of hierarchy of the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is quite obvious. Of course, the lower right corner is still slightly overexposed, but it does not affect the overall look and feel.

256-level grayscale test

It should be noted that the above tests are all carried out in the default display mode. In the system, the Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV provides a wealth of colour options, which you can choose according to your own preferences.

In terms of configuration, Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is equipped with MTK 9650, which is MediaTek’s high-end TV chip and the same chip as Xiaomi’s transparent TV priced at 49,999 yuan. MTK 9650 uses 22nm process, quad-core A73 CPU architecture + Mali G52 MC1 GPU architecture + 1T computing power APU. In addition, Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is also equipped with a 2GB+32GB storage combination.

The ability of Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV to decode 4K@60FPS HDR sources. As shown in the figure below, the average bit rate reached 74123kb/s. From this point of view, we can see the local HD in some hard drives and U disks Video, its processor and interface can fully meet the needs of users.

Sound quality

In terms of audio, the Redmi MAX 86” smart TV uses 4 speakers + 2 duct design, with a power of 2*12.5W and supports Dolby Atmos. In the actual measurement of the IT House, the Redmi MAX 86” speaker is not mentioned. It’s amazing, but it also has enough tension performance. For example, some high-frequency displays are still very delicate and enough to meet the needs of ordinary families.

The system also provides a wealth of Dolby sound effects, including cinema, standard, game, music, custom, and so on.


Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is equipped with MIUI for TV 3.0 smart TV system. Undoubtedly, Xiaomi’s advance layout in the TV field gives Redmi one of the best TV systems currently available.

First of all, in terms of content, Xiaomi TV has reached in-depth content cooperation with iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku, Mango TV, and bilibili. Users can watch the content of the above platforms on Xiaomi TV. In addition, Xiaomi TV also brings together content from platforms such as Future TV, Wasu, BesTV, Sohu Video, and Ju Sports.

In terms of interaction, MIUI for TV 3.0 also introduced an office mode, which aggregates all office needs, is purer without interference, and is suitable for scenarios such as corporate meetings. In addition to the office mode, MIUI for TV 3.0 also supports standard, children, minimalist and other modes.

In terms of the screen projection, MIUI for TV 3.0 supports the projection of Xiaomi phones, other brands of Android phones, iPhones, laptops, and apps. It covers the three major mainstream projection protocols, covering almost all current projection methods, and can be used without the internet. Screen.

Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV also brings Xiao Ai 3.0, which supports voice control of the remote control and can receive push notifications from smart devices. I won’t demonstrate too much here.

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No consumer will refuse the temptation of a super-sized TV, but in the past, the price of large-sized TVs was high, and the threshold of over 10,000 yuan stopped many consumers. In addition, transportation and installation are also major problems. Many users see The high installation cost can only be followed by projectors and other products.

The “Redmi MAX 86” smart TV continues the brand’s original intention of “popularization of high-end products”. The price of 7,999 yuan has made many users call it “true fragrance”. The special-shaped design of the packaging solves the problem of not being able to enter the elevator, and virtually saves users. Cost. All in all, if you want to buy a bigger and better TV at a lower price, Redmi MAX 86″ smart TV is your best choice.


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