Redmi New Concept Phone Exposure: Digging Screen, Screen Fingerprint


In domestic mobile phones, Xiaomi can be said to be very popular, and Xiaomi also has its own sub-brand, that is Redmi, high quality, and the ultimate cost performance, this is the concept of Redmi implementation, because of this, Redmi It has also attracted the attention of many people. Once it became a black horse in the mobile phone, it can be said that the strength is quite strong. With the increase in popularity, the news about the Redmi Concept Phone is also increasing. The foreign media is also exposed to the news about Redmi’s new concept machine. Is there any expectation?

According to the news about the new Redmi machine exposed by foreign media Kitty gadgets, Redmi’s new machine adopts a digging screen design, and unlike other friends, the digging screen is smaller and greatly reduced. For the occupation of the screen, the components such as the earpiece are also transplanted to the top of the mobile phone, and there is also a significant improvement in the frame of the mobile phone. Although there is a narrow chin, it does not affect the aesthetics of the mobile phone. It seems that such a design makes the mobile phone More perfect, Redmi Concept Phone uses a rear three camera, and the vertical column is located at the top left of the phone, below the phone is the logo of the mobile phone, the glass material body and a variety of color matching, making the phone Quite outstanding.

In the configuration of the mobile phone, according to the information exposed by the foreign media, Redmi’s new machine is equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor. This time there is a new optimization. When playing the game, it solves the problem during the game. The problem of distortion brings a better gaming experience, and even if multiple programs are open, the mobile phone will maintain power consumption and reduce the stuttering phenomenon of the mobile phone. In addition, there is a 6GB running memory and a 128GB storage combination. The configuration is very good in the mid-range machine, not only has a smoother operation but also brings more enjoyment to the large memory.  

In the camera side, the new Redmi will be on the front or will use a 32-megapixel lens, with AI optimization, find your own beauty program according to your facial features, make the self-timer simple, post-position On the other hand, it is a combination of 48 Megapixels + 16 Megapixels + 5 million pixels. The three cameras have become the standard for mobile phones, and this time there will be a new optical image stabilization technology. When shooting night scenes, handheld It is easy to record the beautiful scenery. In addition, even in the environment of backlighting and backlighting, it is very proper to deal with the details. This combination of design is very good!

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Finally, on the battery side, according to foreign media Kitty gadgets, the upcoming Redmi Concept Phone has a large battery capacity of 4500mAh, are the small partners surprised? The big battery brings a long battery life. It seems that the upcoming Redmi Concept Phone is full of sincerity!

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