Redmi Note 10 Pro VS Redmi K40 Pro: Which one is Better?


there is no need to compare these two phones because the price of the Redmi k40 Pro phone will be much higher than the price of the Redmi note 10 pro phone. However, if you still give priority to the Redmi k40pro phone when the budget is sufficient, it will be even more so.

But in the process of buying mobile phones, because everyone’s needs are different, the choices made will also be different. So Xiaofang feels it is very necessary to talk to everyone about the advantages of these two phones during the comparison process.

For the comparison of the core configuration of these two phones, please refer to the figure below.

The comparative advantages of this phone of Redmi note10pro
  • 1. Under the same memory configuration, the Redmi note10pro phone will be 1,300 yuan cheaper than the Redmi k40pro phone.
  • 2. Redmi note10pro is about 3 grams lighter than Redmi K40 pro.
  • 3. Redmi note10pro uses an LCD screen, which is better in terms of eye protection.
  • 4. The charging speed of the Redmi note10pro phone will be faster than that of the Redmi k40pro phone. Redmi note10pro supports 67 watts of fast charging, while Redmi k40pro supports 33 watts of fast charging.
  • 5. The battery capacity of the Redmi note10pro phone will be 480 mAh larger than that of the Redmi k40pro phone.
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The comparative advantages of the Redmi k40 pro phone
  • 1. Redmi k40pro is thinner than Redmi note10pro. The thickness of the Redmi k40pro phone is 7.8 mm, while the thickness of the Redmi note10pro phone is 8.9 mm.
  • 2. The performance of Redmi k40pro will be better than that of Redmi note10pro. The performance combination of Redmi k40pro is “Snapdragon 888 processor + LPDDR5+UFS3.1”, and the performance combination of Redmi note10pro is “Temena 1100+LPDDR4X+UFS 3.1”
  • 3. The screen quality of the Redmi k40pro phone is better than that of the Redmi note10pro. Some Redmi note10pro uses a 120 Hz, refresh rate LED material 1080 P screen, while the Redmi k40pro The mobile phone uses a 1080 P screen made of E4 with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.
  • 4. The camera capability of Redmi k40pro is better than that of Redmi note 10 pro. If you need to use the camera function during your daily use of your mobile phone, there is no problem at all when you choose the Redmi k40pro for purchase.

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