Redmi Note 11T Release Time Leaked with Dimensity 8000 SoC


Prior to the Labor’s Day holiday, Redmi officially began to warm up the new mini King Kong series, revealing that the new series will be renamed Note 11T, featuring features, and will be officially released this month.

However, one third of May has already passed, but the authorities have not even begun to warm up, making many netizens a little anxious.

According to @digital Chat, Redmi Note 11T is likely to be officially preheated and fully configured next week, and then officially released next week, between May 23 and 27, which is in line with the previous Redmi release process.

The biggest reason why Redmi Note 11T is so anticipated is that the premium version is expected to be equipped with the Dimensity 8000 chip, which is one of the most acclaimed flagship chips in the industry. It is also the first time that the Small King Kong will be equipped with a flagship chip.

Redmi Note 11T has Turbo level performance, Turbo level tuning, Turbo level experience, and will challenge the king of mid-range performance. Redmi Note 11T will also add a number of first time Note performance acceleration technologies to deliver flagship quality and a smoother experience.

Among other things, Redmi Note 11T Pro has an LCD screen and a 144Hz high brush, according to @DigitalChat.

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In terms of battery life, Redmi Note 11T series has two quick charge specifications, namely 67W wired quick charge, 4980mAh battery, 120W wired quick charge, 4300mAh battery, corresponding models should be Note 11T and Note 11T Pro.


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