Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition Officially Announced with Xiaomi’s Self-Developed 210W Immortal Second Charge


Today, Xiaomi officially announced that Redmi Note 12 series will carry Xiaomi’s self-developed 210W Immortal second charge, which is also the most powerful fast charge in mass production in the mobile phone field.

It is worth mentioning that the official poster released shows that it is “Redmi Note 12 Exploration edition“, so not all Redmi Note 12 series will carry 210W Immortal second charge, only the “Exploration edition” will carry, which is also a Redmi Note 12 series model that has not been exposed before.

Officials also said Note 12 Discovery edition has 60 protections and full link fast charging is safe.

In August this year, the phone 210 charger has appeared on the 3C certification website, supporting up to 20V / 10.5A output power, it can be 210W high power fast charge for mobile phones. With the help of 200W fast-charging technology,  iQOO 10 Pro with a 4,700mah battery can compress the charging time to about 11 minutes. Now Xiaomi has upped the charge to 210W, which is expected to squeeze a full charge to about 10 minutes.

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iGeekphone has learned that the new Redmi Note12 series will launch at 19pm tonight. According to the previous official warm-up, the Note12 series has been upgraded in terms of screen, battery, image and more. There are four models in the series: Redmi Note 12, Redmi Note 12 Pro, Redmi Note 12 Pro + and Redmi Note 12 Discovery will launch Mediatek’s Dimensity 1080 processor, Samsung’s 200 megapixel HPX sensor, it supports OIS optical buffeting. In terms of software, the series features Xiaomi Imaging Brain for the first time, as well as several film-style filters. In terms of charging power, there are 67W, 120W and 210W specifications. Pro series is equipped with OLED flexible straight screen, supports 1920Hz high-frequency PWM, and 10,000 level dimming.


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