Redmi Note 7 VS Huawei Honor 8X Tear Down Review: The Result is Unexpected?


Lei Jun recently released this Redmi Note 7 mobile phone, with excellent configuration, quality, and ultra-low price, so that the thousand yuan phone market is fully shuffled. When users received this phone, they commented on the incense. I saw this phone won the favor of Peoples.

So what exactly is this Redmi Note 7 phone? We may wish to use the Honor 8X to compare with the Redmi Note 7, through disassembly.

Both Redmi Note 7 and Honor 8X adopt the layout of the current main PCB (top), battery compartment (middle), and sub-PCB (bottom), which is the three sections of the large board, small board, and battery that we often say. Structure.

Through dismantling, it was found that the main and auxiliary PCBs of Redmi Note 7 were segmented and covered with screws. The Honor 8X uses an integrated cover that is rare at this stage. The large (main PCB), small (sub-PCB) and battery-top cover are integrated. This design has rarely been seen after entering the era of non-removable batteries. Through disassembling, we found that the cover plates on both sides of the glory 8X battery compartment are fixed by double-sided tape, which is more difficult to disassemble and difficult to repair. For the after-sales of mobile phones, it is hard. For the user, if the mobile phone is damaged or over-protected and needs to be repaired, there may be more expenses.

In terms of SIM card slot, Redmi Note 7 uses a three-to-two combination of Nano SIM+ memory cards, while the glory 8X SIM card slot is a dual Nano SIM card + memory card. However, Redmi Note 7 has a dust-proof and waterproof apron design at the edge of the card slot. Although this level is often only the level of waterproof and splash-proof, it is far from the strict IPXX rating, but it is better than nothing. Strong.

For the camera, the 48MP main camera module used in Redmi Note 7 is much larger than the 20 million pixels of Glory 8X. Moreover, the metal structure frame of the red camera Note 7 dual-camera module is common in the Android flagship mobile phone, and the Honor 8X is the structural frame of the plastic, which is equivalent to the internal structure of the mobile phone at this price point. In addition, in the sub-photograph, Redmi Note 7 uses Samsung’s 5 Megapixel 5k5e8, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition and other models. The Honor 8X’s sub-photograph is 2 Megapixels.

Redmi Note 7 uses a full-fledged 660 processor, Adreno 512 graphics processor, 8 cores, 14nm, 4GB of running memory, 64GB of content storage, and supports up to 256GB of expandable storage. The sensory aspect uses a 6.3-inch drop screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080. The rear is 48MP + 5MP AI dual camera, and the front also has a 13 megapixel HD camera. 4000mAh battery, strong endurance.

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Look at the secondary PCB, the bottom of the Redmi Note 7 is the USB Type-C interface, the Honor 8X is the Micro USB interface, although the cost gap between the two is not much, it is 1-2 dollars, but the Android flagship water type-C Today, Redmi Note 7 as a thousand yuan phone also keeps up with the big trend and really likes it.

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