Redmi Note 8 With 64MP Camera Maybe Launching In August


For several weeks now, various rumors have been circulating about a budget smartphone like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8. Many features are attributed to him, ranging from a glass case to a triple main camera, and its announcement should happen at the end of 2019. However, apparently, the manufacturer decided not to wait that long, but to present and launch this entry-level phone significantly earlier.

Today, the vice-president of the Xiaomi Group and the general manager of the brand Redmi published encouraging fans of the Note post line. In it, he said that the first generation Redmi Note, five years ago, was supplied with a fast charge of 10 watts. Although today it is not surprising, you always need to believe that good thing will happen soon.

“Always believe that good things will happen soon,” is the classic slogan of Redmi smartphones. So the general manager of the company apparently hints at the imminent appearance of Redmi Note 8.

Currently, little is known about the new model. The first sample of photographs taken with a resolution of 64MP was published. With this picture, it was announced that smartphones officially entered the era of photos with a resolution of 64MP. Lou Weibing previously reported that the main camera of the new smartphone will receive 4 sensors of the main camera.

The only known sensor at the moment that has a resolution of 64MP is the Samsung GW1. Its main feature is that the size of the sensor is 1 / 1.72 inches, and the size of one pixel is 0.8 microns. Using the combined technology of Tetracell and the reselection algorithm, the pixels are combined and using a 16MP sensor, you can get a 64MP photo. Also, the camera supports a dynamic range of up to 100 dB HDR and Super PDAF autofocus.

Details about the technical equipment of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 are not disclosed, but it is understandable because Xiaomi has always loved to keep intrigued until the premiere of one of its new gadgets. So we need to wait for the new product launch event not so long until August, let’s wait and see.

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