Redmi Note 9 Series Teardown Shows What’s Inside the 4G & 5G Models


This year the Redmi Note family is more crowded than ever yesterday the company has officially released Redmi Note 9 series in China. There are two 5G devices in the range – Redmi Note 9 5G, Note 9 Pro 5G, and Note 9 4G version. A few hours after the presentation, the Redmi Note 9 Series teardown by popular AIO Technology shows the difference between the devices.

The first difference highlighted relates to the materials used for the back cover, with the more valuable model Note 9 Pro 5G being the only one to use glass, while the other two have to make do with plastic.

Once the back cover is removed, the interesting differences arrive, starting with the heat dissipation film – which in the 4G model only is attached to the back cover, while in the other two it is applied to the battery and the predictable fact that the antennas of the 5G models are more numerous.

Moving on to the photographic compartments, we note how the rear sensors of the Redmi Note 9 4G are all separate modules, while those of Redmi Note 9 5G and Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G, although obviously each having its own connector, are all housed in a single module.

Once the thin copper layer used for heat dissipation has been removed, you have access to the remaining components and you can also observe the different positioning of the Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets on the motherboard.

Also note that the 4G model adopts the chipset Snapdragon 662, then moves on to Dimensions 800U of MediaTek and returns to Qualcomm with it Snapdragon 750G of the Pro model.

The last big difference is obviously represented by the batteries, which are inversely proportional to the positioning of the three devices in the line-up: 6000mAh for Redmi Note 9 4G, 5000mAh for Redmi Note 9 5G, and 4820mAh for Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G.

The bottom part is also protected by a cover. Removing it reveals the USB-C, Speaker, vibrator, and 3.5mm jack on the 5G versions. The report says the speaker and vibration motor are similar across the models but the 5G versions have a Z-Axis linear motor. If the images of the Redmi Note 9 Series teardown are not enough, so you can find the complete video (in Chinese) at this link.

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