Redmi Pro 2 Exposure, Snapdragon 855, Front Lift Camera


Some Peoples recently exposed a picture that is said to be Redmi Pro 2 (Redmi Pro 2). The pictures listed some parameters and the rendering appearance of the new machine. It can be seen that the Redmi Pro 2 uses the Snapdragon 855, the smart lifting front camera, and the screen fingerprint to unlock, the rear three cameras, the main camera is 48 Megapixels, it should be the Sony IMX586 photosensitive element. Thanks to the lift-type front camera, this new redmi phone is equipped with a true full screen, which is more like the water drop screen. This so-called Redmi Pro 2 screen is very high, visual chin width and Xiaomi Mi9 is similar, the left and right borders are also ultra-narrow, the machine uses a red body, there should be another color, such as gradient blue.

However, it should be noted that the font of the mobile phone name in the figure is not standard. The “p” of “Pro” is lowercase, and Xiaomi and Hongmi have never used this form in the official promotion, so this picture should be a phone. Self-made, this can not help but let the author doubt the authenticity of the appearance and configuration.

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Before the Redmi brand, general manager Lu Weibing said about the price of the Snapdragon 855, Redmi was afraid of it, which means that the phone will sell at a lower price than Xiaomi Mi9. However, it should be noted that this means that the cost is lower, but the most critical Snapdragon 855 is currently shipping in large quantities, and the price may still be high, so we may not see the redmi flagship mobile phone in the second half of this year. It is.

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