Redmi Pro 2 Flagship Officially Unveiled, After Reading: There is Reason Not To Buy Xiaomi Mi9!


In 2019, the movement of Xiaomi’s mobile phone was one after another. In addition to the formal independence of the red rice series, the Xiaomi series has also officially transformed into a high-end market. After the Spring Festival, Xiaomi unexpectedly released Xiaomi Mi9 in advance. With its high-cost performance, it has become the most popular Snapdragon 855 model in the smartphone industry. The early release of Xiaomi Mi9 also hit a friend who was caught off guard. However, now Xiaomi Mi9 will welcome the biggest competitors from home. That is the red rice flagship. After reading many users, they called “there is no reason to not buy Xiaomi mi9”. Why is this?  According to peoples’ breaking news, the Redmi Pro 2 will adopt a lift camera design, similar to vivo NEX. As we all know, today’s lift camera phones have already had large-scale mass production capabilities, and the process has matured. Therefore, the redmi true flagship adopts the lift camera design, in addition to the increase of the screen ratio, the production capacity should also meet the needs of users. Xiaomi Mi9 uses a “drop screen” design. Therefore, the arrival of the red rice flagship will have an impact on Xiaomi Mi9.

In terms of hardware, according to Xiaomi’s official statement, the Redmi Pro 2 will also be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Based on the 7nm manufacturing process, the Snapdragon 855 runs up to 350,000 points. Xiaomi Mi9 is also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Both phones run the Xiaomi MIUI system, so the difference in performance between the two phones is very small, even close. Therefore, it is no wonder that the user shouted: “I have a reason not to buy Xiaomi Mi9”?

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Of course, there is a more important reason, that is, the Redmi series will continue the style of Xiaomi’s main price/performance ratio. Therefore, I believe that the Redmi Pro 2 will have unexpected surprises in price. Moreover, it will be cheaper than Xiaomi Mi9. In this way, for many users, the red flagship flagship will be more cost-effective. So this is also the root cause of the user’s direct call “there is no reason to not buy Xiaomi Mi9”. What do you think about this? Welcome to express your views, we will discuss.

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