Redmi RedDo AirDots Experience: 99 Yuan ($14.74) To Solve All TWS Headset Needs


I once sneered at the TWS Headset, saying that simply cutting off the cable does not bring about an improvement in the experience of eating melons. In the last two years, it has been one after another. With the maturity of the supply chain and the advancement of technology, the split-type headphones began to slowly walk down the altar that once had a cold, and began to move closer to the cheaper route.      Speaking of the cheap route, it seems that it has reached the home game time of Xiaomi. Last year, they used an AirDots youth version to let us know that the 199 yuan split headphones can also have excellent performance, and now they have launched 99.9 yuan. Redmi AirDots split-type headphones, once again sitting on the price of the butcher.

Of course, it can be seen from the naming, Redmi Airdots is a product of the independence of the red rice brand, but in fact, from the appearance, Redmi AirDots and the previous Xiaomi Airdots youth version are not half different, the size of the charging box is 62*40*27.2mm, the specification is also invisible to the youth version. In short, Redmi AirDots is still light and portable, and it will not affect daily actions if it is in the pocket.

As for the headphone body, the sleek design is used, and the earplugs are pushed into the ear holes. The soft rubber earplugs do not bring too much discomfort to the wearing layer, and the outer casing is hard against the auricle, although this contact The feeling is equivalent to telling you that the wearer is still wearing a pair of headphones at all times, but it also ensures that it is adequately worn, worn to catch up with a subway just arrived, or run and jump on the stairs, Redmi AirDots have not had problems with falling off.

In terms of operation, Redmi Airdots with physical buttons is also very easy. With a light press, you can answer/end calls and pause/start music. Under the support of Bluetooth 5.0, Redmi Airdots performed very well, both in terms of the sensitivity of the operation feedback and the stability of the connection in the use state. We tried to “mute the mouth” through the sound when watching the online drama, and we can also find that the delay control of Redmi Airdots is also very good.

As far as the wearing experience of Xiaobian is concerned, in terms of sound quality, Redmi Airdots is not much different from the previous youth version. The overall performance is relatively balanced and will not let you find any shortcomings, but the overall tone is also relatively meager. There is not much to be rendered in the inside, daily commute listening to songs, Redmi Airdots naturally enough to deal with, of course, if not too entangled vocals, tri-bands, every day listening to rock or electronic music, Redmi Airdots is enough to stimulate us The ears are gone.

As for the battery life that everyone is very concerned about, at least in my daily use, in the 40mAh headphone power with 300mAh charging box power storage, we do not need to pay too much attention to the remaining power, only need to occasionally replenish the power is enough to use, and the official The data given can be used for 12 hours with the charging box. For the commuter party, it is natural not to worry too much about the battery. Only the charging speed of the Redmi Airdots is not very fast. After the headphone is empty, it needs to be sent in the storage box for ten minutes to continue to use. If you want to charge from empty to full, you need to idle it for one hour. the above.

From a portable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-wear level, Redmi Airdots is a product that meets the vast majority of TWS headset users’ needs, although compared to those top-notch products, Redmi Airdots is also rich in functionality and sound quality. There is a certain gap, but the price of 99.9 yuan is “excessive”, so we have no way to ask for more.

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So if you just want to experience the thrill of split-type headphones, Redmi Airdots can fully meet the most needs of our daily use. As the first non-smart phone product after the red rice brand is independent, Redmi Airdots can be regarded as I have a qualified answer sheet. I don’t know if Red Rice will open its own market strategy for multi-line product operations like the current Xiaomi.

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