RedmiBook Pro 2022 Upgrades to Core i5 at 4,699 yuan, $701


Xiaomi has announced a new upgrade to RedmiBook Pro 2022, with a fully loaded Core i5-12500H processor. The recommended price is 5,499 yuan, $820 and the initial price is 4,699 yuan,$701. There will also be six interest-free periods during the launch event.

This upgrade is mainly a processor upgrade, to a Core i5-12500H, while the previous RedmiBook Pro 2022 used a Core i5-12450H. Although there is little difference in the model, the latter 4P+4E, a total of 8 core 12 threads, also has only 48EU units.

In contrast, the Core i5-1250H is 4+8E, total 12 cores 16 threads, the number of cores increased by 50%, the cache also increased from 12MB to 18MB, the core display is also 80EU unit, better game performance.

Other aspects remain largely unchanged. Redmi Book Pro 2022 uses CNC engraving on both A/C sides to integrate more internal components into the shell. The integrated structural design makes the body more durable.

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The screen has 2560 x 1600 resolution, 100%sRGB color gamut, up to 300nits, ΔE < 1.5, support DC dimming, 120Hz high brush, is a rare HD screen in its class.


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