ReFlex: Meet The ‘World’s First’ Bendy Smartphone


Imagine a smartphone that you can bend. Yes, you read that right. Canadian researchers have developed the first fully bendable smartphone that could help us wave goodbye to dreaded shattered screens for good. Still in the prototype phase, there is much development to be done. However, it is looking like this phone could be within our grasp sooner rather than later!

What Is The Advantage of Bendy Smartphone Technology?

The team behind the new phone known as ReFlex has put forward many unique USPs for the bendy smartphone. Reducing the likeliness of a shattered screen is just one of them.

Many of us use our phones for gaming, so much so that almost all types of games are available to play on our mobiles by being mobile optimized or offering an app to players. From mobile favorites like Candy Crush, to MMOs and even casino games like online bingo at Paddy Power, being able to perform well while gaming is an important element for phones to get right.

So, how does ReFlex measure up in this department? Pretty well, by the sounds of things. In the well-known mobile game Angry Birds, ReFlex users can control the slingshot function by simply bending the phone – impressive stuff, right?

This intriguing phone will be almost invincible when it comes to potential damage caused by dropping. In addition to its durability, the phone is also offering some great new navigating technology. Instead of swiping like that with a traditional smartphone, the ‘ReFlex’ can be bent to turn pages on ebooks and for swiping.

Bending a phone will feel unfamiliar, but don’t worry, this is exactly what this gadget is designed to do!

Who Is Behind The ReFlex Phone? 

All that’s known so far is that a group of researchers from Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab has released the prototype of the phone. The Human Media Lab has commented, “The main compliment about the prototype is how natural it feels.” The phone poses a new way to interact with our smartphones and could be up for grabs in less than 5 years.

This innovative device is already at a stage where it can be produced for mass selling. But the developers want to make a few refinements before bringing it to the market.

Is the Reflex the First Bendy Phone?

Samsung has already released the Galaxy Z phone which bends down the middle. The phone can be folded making it more compact for on-the-go movement. In addition to the bendable Samsung models, some other phones carry the same innovative technology. These include the TLC phones, Honor models, and the Xiaomi, which also are great examples of ‘folding, bendy’ phones.

Are Bendy Phones Expensive? 

Bendy phones don’t come cheap. The current folding phones on the market are more than $1,000, so you sure do have to pay for this upcoming technology.

There is no price tag attached to the ReFlex phone as it has not yet been officially released. However, if this phone sounds like an intriguing gadget that you’d like to have in your pocket, it’s wise to get saving early to make your investment.

This phone is set to be popular, that’s for sure!


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