Renderings of an LG phone with a Scroll Screen has been Released


As a new mobile phone form, the scroll screen mobile phone is different from the traditional folding screen mobile phone. It can also achieve a larger screen while maintaining the existing mobile phone form. While several manufacturers have announced scrolling phones of their own, only LG has said it will go into mass production so far.

According to LetsGoDigital, LG’s first scrolling phone, the LG Rollable, was created using a combination of patents and rumors.

So far, Oppo, LG, and TCL have all shown their scrolling phones, but both Oppo and TCL were introduced as concept phones. But only LG officials have said that executives have decided to launch a truly scrolling phone this year.

In addition, LG’s scrolling phone LG Rollable (model LM-R910N) has been approved by Bluetooth SIG, which means the LG Rollable is expected to be available soon.

However, it has recently been reported that LG is interested in selling its mobile phone division due to continued losses. Although LG has been looking for a seller, it seems that it has not yet found a suitable buyer, so it is possible that LG will simply shut down the handset business.

According to LetsGoDigital, the first phone with a scroll screen, the LG Rollable, was originally intended to ship in March, but with uncertainty in LG’s handset business, it is possible that the device will ship in September, or, of course, have a difficult delivery.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the LG Rollable, the first official Rollable phone, LetsGoDigital combined LG’s patents and rumors to create a rendering and 3D video animation for the device.

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The LG Rollable is expected to have a 6.8-inch display that can be expanded to 7.4-inch display, and there are rumors that the flexible, retractable display may be a collaboration between LG and BOE.

Renderings show that the phone has no creases or hinges and comes with a separate retractable control button that increases the screen by around 40% when pressed. There’s also a fairly large secondary screen on the back and a camera module in the upper right corner.


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