Review of 360 N5 VS Xiaomi MI5 VS Meizu M5 Note Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery


Since 360 released its budget RAM 6GB smartphone, 350 N5, many users are confused about which phone is more worthwhile to buy, 360 N5, Xiaomi MI5 or Meizu M5 Note? Therefore, today we will introduce details about them to let you know which one is more suitable for you.


In design, 350 N5 still continues to use previous classic design without much change, only adjusting in some details.On the front design, it adopts simple symmetrical design, camera and light sensor are located on both sides of its receiver. The home button at the bottom uses  little circle design, and it still use 5.5 inch 1080P screen with 2.5D curved glass, 100% sRGB color gamut, 178 degree viewing angle, supporting automatically contrast adjustment technology, bringing better viewing feel.

The back also adopts three steps design in symmetry with wire drawing processing in back cover metal part and PC part.

Xiaomi MI5 uses 2.5D glass, fingerprint scanner on the home button, there is a SIM card slot on the side of the body, supporting 2 NANO SIM card, not supporting SD card for expansion, the top uses Infrared remote control and earphone jack, on the top there are two molding antenna.

On the right side, it has a volume button and power button, there is a MIC, Type-C, speaker from left to right on the bottom, and it also has two molding antenna line.


Meizu M5 Note adopts 5.5 inch screen and all metal unibody, dual camera with 13MP back and 5MP front, supporting 4G LTE, it has a 1920*1080P 2.5D curved screen, on the front, it still adopts semi-circular home button with mBack function.

The back camera 13MP supports up to 0.2s PDAF and dual tone LED flash to capture every wonderful moment, and it has 5MP front camera for beautification.

According to comparison, they have their own advantages in design, just choose according to your hobby.


In performance, 360 N5 is powered by latest Snapdragon 653 processor with 4 Cortex A72 1.8GHz processor and 4 Cortex A53 1.4GHz processor,Adreno 510 GPU, this kind of processor has been used on other smartphones, like VIVO, OPPO, which can balance the performance and power consumption.

The main feature is the storage, 360 N5 has RAM 6GB ROM 32GB/64GB internal storage, without question, it will bring better user experience. Check its Antutu test score.

Xiaomi MI5 is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, RAM 3GB ROM 64GB internal storage, it has got 136,000 antutu scores, which can beat Apple A9 processor.

Meizu M5 Note adopts Helio P10 Octa core processor, 1.8Ghz, it has 3G/16G 3G/32G 4G/64G three versions, its Antutu score can reach over 47,000 points, we can see it is still very powerful, when it does multi-tasking, it can play large games and watch high definition videos without stuck.

Therefore, although 360 N5 has RAM 6GB, it still can’t beat Xiaomi MI5, therefore, Xiaomi MI5 is the best one, then 360 N5 and the last one is Meizu M5 Note according to their performance.


Here are samples about 360 N5 

360 n5 adopts 8MP front and 13MP back camera, F2.0 aperture,  the front camera supports FotoNation4.0 beautification, and it comes with soft light, keeping nice effect in taking selfies in dark environment. The back camera supports PDAF, up to 0.1s fast focusing.

In real photo experience, 360 N5 reaches high level, showing real color, no obvious white balance, and in details, it also has good performance. The camera can be up to mid or high-end level.

Xiaomi MI5 has dual camera with 4MP front and 16MP back, 4 axis OIS, you can check the samples about its camera quality.

Here are Xiaomi MI5 samples

Meizu M5 Note adopts dual cameras, 5.0MP F2.0 front camera, 13.0MP F2.2 back camera with dual-tone LED flash and PDAF focus, just check samples below.

Meizu M5 Note camera samples

Therefore, they have no big difference in camera.


360 N5 is built in 4,000mAh battery, after testing in 150 minutes, it has 74% off power, therefore, it can be used heavily in one day without problem.

And it also supports 9V/2A QC 3.0 quick charge, up to 18W power rate, it only takes one and half an hour to charge full.

Xiaomi MI5 has 3,000mAh battery, under mid-range use, it needs to charge once per day, after using 3 hours, it has 54% off power, and it needs to charge full in one hour and 20 minutes, especially charge faster in the first 80% period , it reduces the speed in the last 20% power.

Meizu M5 Note is also built in 4,000mAh battery, supporting over one day for heavy using, and one and half day to two days for light using. Meanwhile, Meizu M5 Note can support up to 18W quick charge technology, it can charge 4,000mAh battery in 90 minutes.


350 N5 has its own advantages such as RAM 6GB , 4,000mAh battery, 18W quick charge, Xiaomi MI5 has powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, and classic beautiful design, and Meizu M5 Note is also famous for its quick charge, fingerprint scanner, etc. Therefore, if you pursue higher performance, we recommend Xiaomi MI5, if you are into higher storage, you can try 360 N5, however, if you need quick charge smartphone,Meizu M5 Note is a good choice. Right now do you have other question about choosing?


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