Review of Bluboo S1-Xiaomi MI MIX Clone Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery


Since Xiaomi MI MIX releases, more and more Chinese smartphones are working on its Xiaomi MI MIX Clone with full screen, but dual rear camera, Bluboo S1 is no exception. It has bezel-less display, bigger screen, ultra-thin design, and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen, Therefore, how is this Bluboo S1 smartphone? Is it worthwhile to buy instead of Xiaomi MI MIX?


Bluboo S1 will have 5.5 inch FHD Gorilla Glass 5 screen, which can withstand face-down drops from up to 1.6 meters in about 80 % of occurrences.Besides, it can offer better scratch resistance than previous generation of Gorilla Glass. Therefore, we can be sure it will protect your bezel-less smartphone well, 5.5 inch FHD screen is the perfect match that we want, personally, i like large screen to watch movies by a smartphone, and FHD 1080P screen resolution is the most clear image quality it has. In terms of design, it is a really lookalike of Xiaomi MI MIX, but on the back, it has two cameras, on the front, there is a home button and a large screen, at the bottom, there are two speakers and a USB port, on the right side, it has a volume and power button, on the left side, it should have SIM card and TF card slot and an earphone jack on the top. It has good quality with metal frame.


Bluboo S1 is powered by MT6757 Octa core Helio P20 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, others said it has Helio P25 processor, and RAM 6GB version, but right now according to Bluboo official, we can only see Helio P20 and RAM 4GB version. It is quite powerful for us to enjoy high-end processor from Mediatek, and RAM 4GB storage will help us run many apps at the same time without stuck, so you can download what you want from Google play store, it can meet your high needs to play games, watch tv, searching the Internet, etc. It also supports TF card for extension. If you think the storage is not big enough, just insert a TF card for expansion.



Bluboo S1 is mainly different from Xiaomi MI MIX smartphone, because it has dual rear camera on the back, 13MP+2MP combination, it can take the good photos with different fields of depth, and take advantage of virtual and physical combination. Just adjust it well to highlight objects or people, and blur the background. Besides, it also has a front 5MP camera,interpolated 8MP, so you can take selfies with beautification.


Bluboo S1 has been built in 3,500mAh battery, as a large screen smartphone, 3,500mAh battery can support over 7 hours for daily use in general, because Xiaomi smartphone has 4,000mAh can support one day use we test before. And it can be also charged fast in 2 or 3 hours according to our experience.


Bluboo S1 runs latest Android7.0 OS, it supports fingerprint scanner on the front, and 4G LTE network. multi-language, lock screen awake, GPS, bluetooth, etc. Although currently Bluboo S1 has not started to sell in Chinese e-shop, it has been shown on Global Resources in HK show. It is said it will sell at 150usd  in June. When it actually sells, We will update the price and other details later.

Start(Beijing time) End Items (English) warehouse pro price Coupon Amount
2017/10/1 01:00
Bluboo S1 4G Phablet – BLACK
147.99 11nov146 100
10.10 10.31
Bluboo S1 4G Phablet
151.99 BluSGPh 300

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