Review of ILIFE V1 robotic vacuum cleaner (Real images/video + Coupon included)


Only recently received from Gearbest the Ilife V1 robotic vacuum cleaner for my house. To be honest I was a little skeptical where all the features that where said for the vacuum where true or it was just an advertising trick. So let us see what I learned from the use of the vacuum itself and how essential is finally a vacuum cleaner


The vacuum came to me through chronopost. This is very important as it comes directly at your house, with no extra charge for delivery or customs, since we are talking about a big and heavy package. The package was well protected. The vacuum itself comes in a thick box from the company, which protects from accidental hits or drops.

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Inside it when you open the box, we see the box that contains the vacuum cleaner itself. It’s a nice box, white, with a grip for easy carry and transfer. Outside the box we see images of Ilife V1, features and how it really works. Very nice job indeed, I liked it.

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Now it’s time to open the package and wee the vacuum itself. When we open it, we see the vacuum in a protected case, Inside it we also find 4 extra HEPA filters for the vacuum, a brush for cleaning the vacuum and extra brushes that are placed on the vacuum under it. There are also 1 manual in English and other languages and a quick start manual.

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Time to see the vacuum itself. Ilifew V1 is a round metallic box, with areas of elastic plastic like bumpers. On top is the area where the box is placed that gathers all litter and as we can see at the image from the manual, is very easy to reach and handle. Bellow we have two brushes that turn round and round, gathering as the vacuum moves, whatever litter is ahead of the vacuum and the wheels for moving around. The vacuum gives the sense of a very solid design.

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First we must charge the vacuum. For fully charge will need about 2-3 hours. When you place the vacuum at the AC, we will notice a blinking orange light. The light will blink till is fully charged. Then it will become green and steady. Now it’s time for it’s first usage of the vacuum. The whole procedure is very simple. Just press the button above and you will start the vacuum to work. That’s it, now it’s time to leave it to do what it knows best, clean the house or office. The vacuum will work for about 2 hours and after that will stop and make a sound, warning that has finished cleaning.There are special sensors on this cleaner. With OBS All Terrain Detection System, it can detect and select the desired radial to use for navigation. The other anti-bump and anti-drop sensors helps V1 avoid any obstacles, thus protecting the robot from damage. If you want you can tell the vacuum to clean again, as in one turn the vacuum doesn’t use all of its battery (at least at me it didn’t for a 110 square meters apartment). All these and much more you will be able to see at the included video at the end of the review.

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Garbage removal

The place where the box is for the garbage can be easily reached as we said. Just press it and it will pop-up. Pull out the box from the grip, open it and we see inside it all the filters that keep the dirt and dust inside the box and don’t come out. Remove carefully the filter with the blue frame and inside it is all the dirt that the vacuum collected at it’s trip in our house or office. Remove everything and place it inside again. If you want you can very careful wash everything with water, dry well and put it back in place.


Video demonstration and usage


Ilife V1 robotic vacuum cleaner is an essential electronic gadget for any house or office in order to keep it clean, easily and with no effort. It can clean as we have seen in the video any area of the house, like the tile, wood, carpet and even marble. You can order it from Gearbest using our coupon ILIFEV1 and get it at a lower price and for only 99.99$ can become yours!


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