Review of Syma X21 vs Syma X21W vs SYMA X21-S Mini RC Quadcopter


Syma as Chinese big and famous RC drone brand has made great progress last year, right now they are working on the new models, Syma X21, SYMA X21W and Syma X21-S. Do you know the main difference among them? Syma X21-s has single-handed remote control,  Syma X21W can support WIFI FPV 720P HD camera, but Syma X21 doesn’t have remote control and camera. So the price of other two versions are a little higher than Syma X21. Let’s know more details about this three models.


The new design has more ease of access. (slide-in Plug and Play batteries-no wires needed, Power button at the top, no screw propellers- easy to attach and detach) are few notable changes. X21, X5UW and the new X8S series are few examples that reflect these changes. With that said, lets look at what the new Pocket X21, X21W, X21-S are offering.

Besides the most prominent features like headless mode and altitude hold, Syma X21 Pocket Quadcopter is also featuring automatic take-off and landing with a tap of a button, make it is more user friendly for beginners and kids. Along side, the transmitter looks completely new and compact to hold and alos making it easy to place in pockets(the stick lengths are shorten) .

Syma X21, SYMA X21W and Syma X21-S Mini RC Pocket Selfie Drone are all powered by a 380 mah lipo battery, which would give a flight time of approximately 5+ minutes. As mentioned earlier, the make over of design extended to the charging cable too, X21 is featuring a micro SB cable to recharge the battery.

Syma X21, SYMA X21W and Syma X21-S  keeps a well known Beautiful design, in smaller size so you can work with inside and outside of home. They are all very beautiful with many Amazing features.


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