Review of the 3110A Pro Camera Tripod (Coupon included)


The 3110A Pro Camera Tripod is a lightweight, steady and portable tripod that can use everybody, professional or not.


The 3110A Pro Camera Tripod is made out of very durable and of good quality aluminum. It is a three-way head type tripod with 4 sections for leg column quantity.  It can hold up to 2kg weight, when the tripod itself weights only 400 grams. The max height that can reach is 1020mm and the minimum is only 345mm. When you have it folded to carry it out and take it with out, is only 350mm tall. It comes out only in black.


The 3110A Pro Camera Tripod is suitable for most type of camera and camcorders that we have reviewed here at You can very easily fold it and take it with you, as it is very light and portable. Comes with a built-in spirit level, with three-way head and height adjustable center column, to adjust the tripod at the desired height. With the quick release plate that features, you can fix to your camera easily and in seconds. With the adjustment knob that has on the side and the rotating handle, you can set it as you like with the three-way adjustment.


The 3110A Pro Camera Tripod is a light, easy to handle and carry around tripod. Either you are a pro or an amateur, a tripod is needed for steady and clear shots. You can of course find it at, where they specialize in photography. So go over there and order it, but don’t forget to use our coupon code IGEEK5 in order to get it for only $10.92!


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