Review of the Andoer AN7000 4K Sports Camera (Coupon included)


The Andoer AN7000 4K action camera is equipped with the powerful Ambarella A12A75 CPU and a 16MP CMOS sensor. These two can create the perfect result by creating a full HD & smooth shooting!


The Andoer AN7000 4K action camera is equipped on the rear with a big 2.0″ LCD screen and 960 x 240 screen resolution, from where you can see what you are shooting and surf through the menu easily. The camera come with a waterproof case. With it you can shoot images and take videos down to 60 meters deep with the underwater mode. This makes it ideal for underwater activities. The camera comes with USB 2.0 port and for TF card. Also has HDMI slot and comes out in black. The camera is very compact and easy to use with its 6.1 x 4.2 x 2.3cm dimensions and the 79 grams weight.


The Andoer AN7000 4K action camera is hiding behind it’s package the powerful Ambarella A12S75 chipset with the Sony IMX117 CMOS sensor. These two give the ability to AN7000 to shoot video in 4K mode at 30fps or 1080P/120fps or even 720/240fps. The camera features antishake mode for more steady photos and video. The sensor features 8 glasses 166°wide-angle lens. You can take images up to16MP and video up to 4K. The images taken are saved in jpeg format. The video the camera save them with H.264 format as mp4 files. You have the ability to take images with Normal, Burst Photo, Self Timer and Time Lapse Photo. As for the video, you can take video in Normal, Time Lapse Video and Loop Recording. The camera features WiFi and BT pairing with your mobile so you can easily control the camera form your mobile using the app that comes with the camera. The camera has the ability to add multiple scene modes and effects which can help you to create amazing & stylish images.


The Andoer AN7000 4K action camera comes with a detachable 1050mAh battery. When is fully charged you can shoot video in 4K for 90 min!


The Andoer AN7000 4K action camera is the ideal camera for activities, for everyday use, for whatever you might want to use a camera. I have to say that proposed a really good camera and this time. Don’t forget they are the professionals in this. So to get the camera, go over to and Coupon code: 12AN7000,10% OFF, ends on April 30th.


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