Review of the Andoer HDV-302S – A Full HD 16X Digital Zoom Anti-shake Camera Camcorder (Coupon included)


Andoer HDV-302S is a digital camcorder that can shoot videos at 1080p and with anti-shake feature, so your final video will be very good with vivid colors and steady.



Andoer HDV-302S comes with a 3.0 inch large touch screen. From  it you are able to see what you are recording and to operate the DV easily. Because it is touch screen, is very easy to move around the menu. The screen can show in both directions the image. The camcorder has the usuall buttons for operation. The camcorder weights only 321 grams and it’s dimensions are 12 x 5.5 x 5cm.



Andoer HDV-302S supports recording video in 1080P resolution, in order to record your happy moment. The camera features a 5.0Mega pixel CMOS sensor, which provides high quality images up to 20MP  especialy if you use interpolation. Features 16X digital zoom, so you can take shots from a very big distance. Equipped with a remote control, you can control your camera from distance without any problem. The camera features electronic anti-shake control in order to take more steady and clear images. The camera can take a SD / SDHC card up to 32GB in order to save your video and images till you transfer them elsewhere. The camera gives us the ability to choose multiple white balance mode: Automatic / Daylight / Cloudy / Fluorescent Lamp / Incandescent. The camera lens has FF (F=3.2MM, f=7.36mm) and shooting distance from 1m to Infinity. Supports images if they are Jpeg, and video in format MOV. The image resolution that the camcorder supports is 20MP(5120 * 3840), 16MP(4640 * 3480), 12MP(4000 * 3000), 10MP(3648 * 2736), 8MP(3264 * 2448), 5MP(2594 * 1944), 3MP(2048 * 1536) and for video 1080P(30FPS), 720P(60FPS / 30FPS).



Andoer HDV-302S  is equipped with a 3.7V, 1250mAh battery. The Power Supply is from a NP-40 Lithium Not much to say about the battery, except that must last 3-4 hours!


Video presentation


The Andoer HDV-302S is for sure an essential electronic device if you want to keep all those happy hours with friends and family. IF you want to buy the camera, use our coupon Triple8 to get a 8% of from the final price.


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