Review of the Andoer HDV-Z20 Portable 1080P Full HD Digital Video Camera (Coupon included)

2 has a new proposal for us, the Andoer HDV-Z20. The HDV-Z20 is a portable camcorder for taking pictures and video. Features a rotatable display for better viewing what you shoot and control.



The Andoer HDV-Z20 comes with a 3.0″ rotatable TFT LCD touchscreen. From it you can see what you are shooting and control the shooting and the menu of the camera. The camera is equipped with internal high sensitivity microphone and speaker fort better capturing the shot. If still you are not satysfied, you can use the unique external hot shoe to mount an external microphone, a LED video light or more other professional tools for video shooting. The camera supports of course WiFi for better connection and control of the camera. The camera also supports LED light-compensating lamp. It can take external 64GB SD card for more storage ability and has HDMI connection. The photos or videos that you take, you can delete them, protect them or print them. The dimensions of the camera are 12.6 x 6.1 x 5.8cm and weight just 294g.



The Andoer HDV-Z20 can shoot video at 1920×1080 (FHD 30fps) the most and can take photos up to 5600×3900(20M). The camera features ISO auto, 100, 200 and 400. The lens are f=3.8mm F NO: 2.6 with focus range 1.5m~INF. The camera saves the images in jpeg and the video in mpeg-4 (H.264) format. You can do up to 16 times digital zoom.



The Andoer HDV-Z20 is equipped with a Li-ion Battery, for many hours of shooting.



The Andoer HDV-Z20 is a very nice digital camcorder. You can shoot video and take picture at high quality. IF you are searching for a good camcorder now for Christmas, head to, where they know about photography and order it. But don’t forget to use our coupon code to get 5% off  IGEEK5, so the price will fall down to $88.34! By they way, you can also check Andoer website for more tech support.



  1. Good day i have a question. When i put my camera on it go’s out in a view seconds. Do you now what the problem is??? Its on standby modus, and have no idea how i put in normal modus again?

    Gr Tom

  2. I bought this camera last week. It looks nice and I am entirely content with it. However I cannot open the remote controller. Maybe there is a dutch manual so I can try to open it.

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