Review of the Drone SYMA X11 – A 4CH 6 Axis 2.4G With 2.0MP HD Camera Quadcopter


Up until the start of this year, the Hubsan X4 was regarded as THE best entry-level quadcopter drone. It was recommended by beginners and veterans alike, and was affordable to add to the appeal. Now we have a new entry, the Syma x11 or Syma Hornet Drone which is an excellent for beginners and has been touted as the best drone for beginners and intermediate pilots. Syma has been creating great drones at inexpensive prices. They didn’t fall back when it comes to the Syma x11 either.


The Syma x11 is so small you can hold it at the tip of your fingers without any difficulties. With a weight of 36 grams, it is very light! It comes equipped with prop guards around the propellers, an excelent add-on specially for beginners! Prop guards will give you more safety when flying around, so if you get hit by the drone, the prop guards will protect you. Also reduces the chances of breaking the propellers, since they protect really good. As with other small quads you need to be careful with your x11 while outdoors! Because of it’s small size you will not be able to fly it on a windy day. Specially if you are a beginner, better try first inside till you get a hold of it and then try outsides. The Syma x11’s range is fairly decent as well it is designed to be flown within 30 meters.


With the Syma x11 comes and a transmitter, which allows you to control and fly around the plane. The transmitter looks a lot to a joystick. The controller to be more exact is a basic thumb controller, which means that any dummy can use it.You can fly the x11 in two different speed modes. It is equipped with a 6 axis, for a smooth and precise flying experience. Another great thing is that the x11 is equipped with LED lights from the bottom. This is great if you are flying your bird at night or even for orientation during the day. An advantage that the Syma x11 has over it’s competition is that Syma has equipped it with geared motors. Geared motors are very uncommon in quads. This is a great thing because it allows the x11 hornet to fly more stably and gives the whole bird more stability. This quad also allows you to do 360 spins, this option will be a blast because the quad is small and you can perform various tricks with it.


The Syma x11 comes with a charger and USB cable as well. It will take you approximately 35 minutes to charge your drone. The charger also lets you know when the charging is complete, because you have a red light that is on while charging your bird so obviously once charging is complete the red light turns off. The Syma x11 hornet offers you with 7 minutes flight time.


The Syma x11 looks very nice and has a lot of specs. I have found it at the Lighinthebox and it can be yours for only 57.81€. So go over there now and order it, you won’t miss!


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