Review of the GululuGo – An Interactive Water Bottle for your kid to drink water and have fun. Grab it with -20% discount from here. (Real photos and video included)


As you might know, making a kid to drink the need water sometimes is hard. As a doctor and as a father I know that very well. So why not to make this more easy and more fun for the kid? Searching around the internet for a solution for this problem, found a very interesting interactive smart bottle, that could solve my problem once and for all. The Gululugo bottle, is a Interactive Water Bottle for your kid to drink water and have fun at the same time playing with it. So I arranged with the company and they send it to me, to review it and if it is good to recommend it to you. And I have to say….it is more than good!

The Gululugo bottle came to me with post. Opening the package you come across a very playful bottle. On the front, you could say, you see the bottle with the little pets friends that you are going to meet and interact with, when playing with the bottle. On the back you will some specs of it.

Opening the package you will find the bottle of course, a very useful manual, a story and some beautiful stickers for you kid. Some stickers are only letters to stick them on the bottle so to create the name of your kid and others are from the pets you meet in the bottle.

GululuGo Interactive Water Bottle includes games and stories so to play with your kid. Also with the app installed at your mobile, you can track the amount of water that your kids drinks every day. Download the app from Google Playstore or Apple Store. After that all you need is install the app to your mobile and make a new account to activate it.

The Gululu bottle can support up to 350ml of water. The more water you kid drinks, the more points gets and help it’s pet to grow and live better. By this way your kid will always be well hydrated, when at the same time will play. I gave it to my son who is 6, but is ideal for any kid that is 3+. Gululu opens the door to a healthy and playful lifestyle.

After you have installed the app to your mobile, activate the bottle by pressing the button. It will connect with the app and show you the little pet your kid choose. From the interactive menu you can surf around and choose to hear music or play with the pet inside.

IF you have two bottles of it, the can communicate together. Shake two Gululu bottles next to each other, so their pets to jump to the other screen and become friends. From the app you can activate a ‘School Mode’ and ‘Sleep Mode’ for better track of the water drinking habits of your kid. Gululu Go interactive water bottle uses 100% BPA free Tritan material and is totally harmless for people to use. So you don’t have to be afraid using it. There are two touchpads on both sides of the bottle so children can slide or tap to interact with their pets. By this way you surf around the menus at the bottle.

Check and the video review to see how easy is to interact with it

Grab now the GululuGo Interactive Water Bottle and make your kid drink enough water every day, without you to worry about and the kid to have all the fun it can get! Use our coupon code 4Z4Z347G, to get it with a 20% discount! Make a useful gift to your kid for the holidays that you and your kid will love!

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