Review of the Handheld Video / Cam Stabilizer (Coupon included)


Today we are going to see a handheld video/cam stabilizer that can be used to take steady images or video, while you are moving or running, so the final result to be perfect!


The handheld stabilizer is made out of slap-up aluminum alloy, which is powerful, durable, as light as possible and easy to use. This handheld stabilizer comes out in black and rose. The Grip is equipped with a special foam for better holding, to comfortable when used and has 2.8cm diameter. It can stand up to 1.5kg, so you can use any kind of camera or mobile without any fear. The stabilizer itself weights about 986 grams so you must have it in mind when shooting. The plate of the camera is about 3 cm. The dimensions of the whole package are 28.5 x 22.5 x 6.2cm.


The handheld stabilizer features a humanized design, including 3 weights that can be used for video practice. It is created in a such way that is more convenient for the final user to judge the balance. It is very lightweight and portable. The handheld stabilizer is compatible with all kind of DV, Camcorders, and DSLR cameras which weight up to 1.5kg.


The handheld stabilizer is the ideal accessory for any amateur or professional photographer that want during some action scenes to have steady shots. I found it of course at where they know what a user might want. Don’t forget to use our coupon code IGEEK5, so to get it at a lower price!


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