Review of the HOSKA H804S – A Children Quartz Watch


The HOSKA H804S is the ideal watch for your kid, since is waterproof, of high quality and very durable, so you wont be afraid that it will brake down easily.


The HOSKA H804S is a watch that it’s dial window is made out of acrylic. The case has a round shape, featuring a simple style with an analog display. The dial diameter is around 3.6 cm it has quartz movement an the clasp type is of pin buckle. The band is made out of silicone with 16 mm width and 18.49cm length. The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters deep and weights only 36 grams. The design is ideal for children. Comes out in BLACK, ORANGE, GOLDEN, BLUE, RED, AZURE and PINK.


The HOSKA H804S despite the fact that is mainly for kids, this doesn’t mean that is of low quality. On the contrary, gives you precise time. The watch features seven-colored backlights and luminous pointer. This is ideal for learning the time in deep dark, so you won’t have to turn on the light to see. The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters suitable for all water activities like swimming. The band is very comfortable and durable.


The HOSKA H804S is the ideal gift for your kid to keep track of time and learn the hours. Can see the time under water or even in deep dark. You can find the watch at Gearbest, where you can order it for the unique price of 14.51$. You can use this coupon code: GB9% to catch it at  $13.35 .


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