Review of the iLife V5 – A robotic vacuum cleaner ready for any hard job (w/ pictures and video presentation)


Keeping your home clean is something very important, you must all agree. Specially if you have a small kid as I do and since and my profession is doctor, a clean house is something very important for me. But with the life that we all have, working all day, the free time for the jobs of the house is very little. Good that I have a robotic vacuum cleaner to help me with the cleaning. In fact this the third vacuum cleaner that I get, all from Gearbest, from their EU warehouse, all from iLife. The iLife V5 was not for me, but a friend of mine that understood how helpful a robotic vacuum cleaner is!

The iLife V5 came to me with DHL from the EU warehouse at Czech, from Gearbest. Opening the protective box of the package, came across a big white box, with the picture of the iLife V5 robotic vacuum cleaner on top and the specs of the vacuum at the side.

Inside the package, I found except from the vacuum cleaner, the Self Charging Base, a remote controller, adapter for the power with an EU adapter, brush, 2 side brushes, a replacement filter, cleaning cloth and a Users Manual in English.

As a design the iLife V5 is pretty much the same and this is good as is very easy to use it and handy. When the vacuum is activated, leds are activated on the top of the cleaner. iLife V5 can clean and mop if needed, of an area up to 120-150 sq meters. When the job is done, it will return all alone at the charging base, to recharge and be ready for the next assignment! The suction power is up 600Pa and the noise produced when working is only 55dB.

iLife V5 is equipped with a BYD Li-ion battery of 2600mAh. When is fully charged, it will make the vacuum work for about two hours. After that you will need about three hours to fully charge the battery. iLife V5 doesn’t need any extra cleaning bag as all litter is gathered in a special container inside the vacuum, with special filter to contain the dirt. iLife V5 has the ability of scheduling when to start cleaning, so you wont have any worry after that.

Check now the video presentation that I have made for you

iLife V5 is a very good robotic vacuum cleaner. You can order it from the EU warehouse of Gearbest in Flash Sales for only 129.99$. A very good vacuum cleaner at a very good price! Don’t miss this opportunity!

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