Review of the Insta360 Air Compact/Pocket – A 360 Degrees Panoramic Camera (Coupon included)


The Insta360 Air is a small, very light camera with the ability to record in a 360 mode. It has 4 view modes, it will change your way to view the world. Also it can support 3K photo and 2K video, for supreme captures in various modes. The camera comes in two versions, as Insta360 Air Compact and Insta360 Air Pocket.


The Insta360 Air comes in a cute pink color. The lens have F2.0 and 210° dual fish eye. The camera can shoot images up to 3K ( 3008 x 1504 ) and video up to 2560 * 1280 (partial model support 3008 * 1504) with 30fps speed. The camera features special app in order to capture in Flat / Sphere / VR / Planet mode. The camera uses a special software like Insta360 Air, Insta360 Studio, Insta360 Player to capture images and video. The camera has a micro usb for charging and for connecting with other devices. The size of the camera is 37.6 x 37.6 x 39.5mm and as I told you in the beginning weights only 26.5g.


The Insta360 Air comes in two versions, Compact and Pocket. Both are equipped with dual fish-eye lens at 210 degrees, which can help you take the most ideal photos or video. With the 3K image quality or the 2K video, your shots will be as perfect it can be and even more. For steady shots, the EIS that features, helps the camera to have your shots with clear view. You can use the camera for live streaming over the internet at FB, Youtube or any other social place you want. With the supported app you can edit your images or video or beautify your images. You can of course the camera and as a 360 webcam with multifunctional extension cable to capture 360° video or livestream for longer periods of time.

You can download the app that uses the camera from the following lkinks

To download the software, please visit:
for MAC:
for Windows:

Video Presentation


The Insta360 Air is a very good, with superb specs and many abilities to use 360 camera. You can find both version The Insta360 Air Compact and The Insta360 Air Pocket of course at, since they know what they propose. You can order them now and use for both versions the coupon code 360AIR24, which will give you 14% OFF from the final price!

Update: Here is  a larger coupon code: 360AIR40 at 107.79usd


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