Review of the JJRC H6W – A 6CH Quadcopter w/ 6 Axis and 2.0MP Camera


The JJRC H6C is a quadcopter with a strange look, like a frog ready to attack and fly with the 4 propellers.


The JJRC H6W as we mentioned has a little strange design. It can fly and without any protective legs when landing. The quadcopter weights only 0.510 kg and comes with dimensions 35.20 x 18.40 x 10.00 cm. It comes in red and black. The H6Whas protective barrier around itself. We can see the camera under the quadcopter. So now it’s time for flying. The H6W is a very light and convenient to carry quadcopter. It is equipped with the flashing lights, so you won’t loose it during the night.


The JJRC H6W is equipped with 6-axis gyro, in order the moves you do to be more accurate. There is also a protective cover frame to resist damages from crashes when falling down or against the walls. The JJRC features some really cool lights, which look fantastic specially during night. The JJRC uses the 2.4 GHz for contacting with the remote control. It is suitable for outside and for inside flying. It is so easy to fly, that can even a kid can do it! The only limit is the age, since it is possible to fly it kids that ar at least 14.5! The remote control comes with a 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control. Features 4 channels with mode 2 on the controller. The remote needs 4 x 1,5 batteries.


The JJRC come with a 250mAh battery. When is foully charge, you can control it till 50m. You need 40-50 minutes to charge the battery completely and then you can fly it for 8 min.


The JJRC H6W is a really nice quadcopter. Comes with some really good features and with a really interested looking. You can check it also yourself at Lightinthebox, where we found it and you can get it for only 59.99$.


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