Review of the latest smartphone gimbal stabilizer from Hohem, iSteady X!


Perhaps now with the Covid 19 pandemia making trips is not right in the agenta, nevertheless we all take pictures and want to take them doing our best. So many times holding just a mobile or a camera is not enough and a gimbal is needed. So you need something small, portable but of good quality like the latest gimbal from Hohem, the iSteady X.

I’m not a pro with gimbals, nevertheless I try my best with taking good pictures, so I try to use one. Hohem agree to help me with these and I really would like to thank them for that.

Opening the package that came to me, found inside the iSteady X, a Mini Tripod that can be attached under the iSteady X, a storage pouch where you can put everything inside, a power cable for charging the battery of the gimbal and finally a wrist strap.

The first thing you must do when you get it is to scan the QR code outside of the box and download the Hohem Pro app, that can connect your mobile with the Gimbal. Installing the app, inside you will find plenty of really useful video, that can show you how to work with the gimbal. To be honest I got a lot of help from them. You can also check the demo video and at the page of the gimbal here.

The mobile gimbal iSteady X weights 259g and its dimensions are 179 x 79 x 39mm folded and 230 x 80 x 40mm unfolded. You can find it in two colors, black and white, I got the white which looks very good! The gimbal can be used only with mobiles that weight 100 – 280g, are up to 11mm thick and with width 58mm – 89mm. The gimbal can pan 320°, roll 320° and tilt 270°. The included battery is a 18650 Li-on, with 2000 mAh capacity. When is fully charged can work for up to 8 hours and you will need about 2 hours to charge it after.

The Hohem Pro app needs iOS 10.0 and later or Android 6.0 and later to function. Supports Moment Mode, Auto-inception Mode, Motion Timelapse, Real-time Beauty Mode. You can activate Auto-Calibration and you can do an firmware upgrade through the app. Also you can change the settings of the camera. The app also supports follow mode, where it follows a person, a face to be more exact or a object. This was a little hard for me to achieve somehow, but in the video you will see that I did it!

The smartphone gimbal iSteady X supports an algorithm that allows to eliminate shakes so you can take steady shots. It can rotate your phone automatically. You can make the mobile to rotate automatically while recording, creating by this way a perspective bending world film. Depending of your move, it can zoom in or out. Of course all these you can do them and manually from the buttons found on the gimbal. Also in the app you can find several small video, where you can add their sound to your video and make them sound much better. Using the app you use only the main camera of your mobile, there is no option to use for example your macro len or wide. If you don’t use the app, you loose many features, but you can use all camera lens of your mobile. Just have it in mind when making video with the gimbal.

Check and my video review, my tries to make something out of it.

You can find the Hohem iSteady X smartphone gimbal at their store for 69$ from 79$ that is normally purchased.

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