Review of the Lightweight ABS Gimbal – A 2 Axis Handheld w/ Brushless Stabilizer (Coupon included)


The Lightweight ABS gimbal is a 2 Axis Handheld Brushless Stabilizer Gimbal, that can be used with your mobile in order to take the most stable and clear shots during your walks, extreme activities or when meeting friends and family.


The Lightweight ABS gimbal is made out of good quality ABS. It comes only in black color and uses a 2-Axis mode to keep your mobile steady. It has a battery of 200mA(@12V) and works with 10V ~ 14V voltage. IT can work under any weather situation, at the snow and with -10℃ or at the desert and with 50℃! The range of the angle jitter is 0.2. For the operation needs 3 x 18350 900mAh 3.7V rechargeable batteries which are included in the package when you buy the gimbal. The dimensions of the gimbal is 22 x 13 x 5cm and weights 313g.


The Lightweight ABS gimbal is a 2-Axis handheld stabilizing gimbal as we have mentioned at the beginning. When is set in operation, the movement of the gimbal is so smooth that is like dancing. Also due to the brushless motor, the noise is almost zero. The clip that features is quite big, 8.5cm, and at the same time is very strong and adjustable. Using the BT connection that the gimbal has, you can connect it to your mobile, giving you the ability of further control over it, when taking pictures or shooting video. The gimbal also features USB port for connecting a USB stick with firmware upgrade that you can find over the internet. The gimbal it also features 1/4″ screw port on the bottom for easy attachment to other photography equipment. It is ideal for any kind of mobile, with any screen dimension.


Since more and more people are using nowadays their mobile for taking pictures and video when they are out or at their extreme activities, the Lightweight ABS gimbal is a absolute necessity! Of course such a gadget and you can find it at, where they know what a photographer needs. But as always, don’t forget to use our $23 off coupon code: LQPLABS23 to grab one at $59.99


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