Review of the “Little Square” – A Xiaomi Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera (Coupon included)


About a month a go, there was a poster surfing around the internet showing a dragonfly. At that time to be honest, no one understood what wanted to say, but now we do know. The poster was for the new camera that Xiaomi presented to us before some days. The camera is a 1080p WiFi IP camera named “Little Square”.



The camera weights only 100 grams, has the shape of the cube with dimensions to all ways up to 5cm. The camera can be placed on a special base which can change it’s height or can be hang on the wall or from the ceiling.



The camera features a 1/2.7” CMOS sensor which can record in 1080p (FHD). It also features the ability to record at 8x with digital zoom. It can record at night, since it features night vision and can understand objects at 9 meters distance. The camera features a special filter for the day which helps with the ultraviolet waves.


The “Little Square” has a 110° wide len for video recording. It features movement detection and for sounds. The camera can cope with smoke alarms and with CO alarms in order to alarm the owner with the use of a certain sound.


You can even use a powerbank to power up the camera and work for up to 12 hours. The camera supports external card with up to 64GB and features a USB 2.0 slot at the back. You can even put one camera on top of the other and they will stay connected together. This will give you a better perspective and view, since the view angle becomes bigger and by this way you will have a 180° view.


The camera copes with mobiles that feature at least Android 4.0 και iOS 7.0.


You can find the “Little Square” Xiaomi camera . Is ideal for home security since is small and can be placed anywhere you like. You can also use it to communicate with other at home, if you are at work. An ideal present now for the Christmas holidays, so your house wont be unsecured.

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