Review of the Makibes HR3 – A wearable with Continuous Heart Rate Monitor, IP67 and many features to check at an amazing low price (with images, video and coupon included)!


Having a good wearable is the latest trend, if you want to be fit and not only. Sales of the wearable are rising every day! Wouldn’t be perfect if you can get a really good wearable at a very low price!? I answer for you…YES! And the same is saying with us Makibes with Geekbuying., since there you can find their latest creation, Makibes HR3, with continuous heart rate monitor, IP67 and many many more features, at a amazing price, which can get lower with our coupon.

Makibes HR3 came to me from Geekbuying with post. Opening the protective bag, came across a small black box. On the top you can see the name Makibes and the moto “Always-on Heart Rate”. At the one side of the box we can see a sticker mentioning that inside we can find the Makibes HR3.

Opening the box, all we find inside is the Makibes HR3 and a manual in english.

You might notice that there is no charging cable! And you are right, Makibes HR3 doesn’t need a charging cable, as you can plug it in directly in a USB slot and charge it!

Powering up the Makibes HR3 is a easy thing to do. After that you can see all the functions that features. You can see of course the time and date, steps, distance, calories, stopwatch, SMS, sleep.

Surfing around the menu, by pressing a button on the lower part of the screen, you will see a menu Dials. Enetring there you can change the dials of the HR3. To be more exact you have 3 to choose from. The same is with the background, as and there you have three to choose from.

The Makibes HR3 has also the ability to find the device through the menu. Other features are IP67 rating, continuous heart tracking, App reminder, shows you who called oyu and vibrates and for SMS.

You can also see the version of the HR3, and you can turn it off, from the OFF menu.

The Makibes HR3 in order to connect with your mobile, will need the WearFit 2.0. You can find it on Apple Store or Google Playstore. After installing it, you run the app, log in using Facebook or other third party and bind your Makibes HR3. After done this you are ready to use it!

Check now and the video presentation that I have made for you…

Makibes HR3 is a very good wearable, with continuous heart rate tracking, dials and backgrounds to change, IP67 and the best of all, at a amazing low price. You can get it at Flash Sales right now for 17.99$ for 2 days and a half or you can use our coupon GEEKHR3, to get it at a even lower price!

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