Review of the MEIKE MK-D5500 Pro – A Vertical Battery Grip Replacement with LCD Wireless Remote Controller for DSLR Camera (Coupon included)


Τhe MEIKE MK-D5500 Pro is a professional grip replacement with vertical direction. It is equipped with a battery that comes with a remote controller that features LCD screen. The MK-D5500 is created for controlling cameras like Nikon D5500 and similar DSLR Camera. The MK-D5500 comes with vertical-shooting function, so you can easily use the camera for portrait shooting.


Τhe MEIKE MK-D5500 Pro is design as we said for Nikon D5500 and similar DSLR camera. Uses 2 x NE-EL14a which are not included. The working voltage is about 7.2V – 8.4V. It can work under any temperature, from 0 – 40 degrees. The controller also needs 2 x AA batteries that you must get them. The working voltage for the controller is about 3V and needs less than 50mA. And the controller can work under any temperature, meaning 0 – 40. The MK-D5500 dimensions are 15.5 x 12.5 x 8cm and weights 290g.


Τhe MEIKE MK-D5500 Pro features a built-in vertical shutter release button. This button you use it with the cable, so the vertical shooting becomes much more easier. If you use two EN-EL 14a batteries, you can easily double your the shooting time of your camera. You can control the camera even from 100 meters away, using the 2.4G wireless transmission frequency. The timer can set delay time, exposure time, time interval and number of shoots. The timer also support screen lock function and lock display mode. The MK-D5500 features an excellent anti-slip rubber, bringing your perfect feeling.


Τhe MEIKE MK-D5500 Pro is definitely for professionals, who also have the Nikon D5500 and similar DSLR Camera. For sure the control over the camera is unique, reliable and stable. Such a device of course it can be found only at, where they do know what a photographer will need. So go over there and order it, but when you do, don’t forget to use our coupon code IGEEK5, so the final price will drop down to 58.89$ in UK Stock.


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