Review of the Mindkoo Foldable Stereo Earphones for Kids. Make a nice present to your children at a low cost with our coupon (images and video included)


We have some days till Christmas and all are buying presents for their family and friends. What kids love are toys or items that could bring them close to technology, nowadays. And what is better if you can combine these two!? I wanted to get some new earphones for my son, so I found from the Amazon store of Mindkoo, their wireless earphones that looked very nice and could be an ideal gift now for Christmas and not only

The Mindkoo wireless foldable earphones came to me with post from their Amazon store as I told you. I prefer these kind of sales as they come fast, secure and without any customs to pay. Inside the package of the Amazon, found a playful yellow box of the earphones. On the front side you can see a bee wearing the Mindkoo earphones, smiling and on the back side we can see some specs of the earphones.

Opening the package we can find inside apart from the earphones folded inside their package, six stickers to use, a yellow soft pouch to keep the earphones inside, a cable for charging, an audio cable and a manual. The six stickers have drawings of Santa Claus, a deer, Easter bunny, Halloween, notes and from a magician. With these stickers, you can change the look of your earphones and have a full year present by this way.

The earphones are made out of stainless steel and are covered the upper part and the earphones with very soft, hypo-allergic cushions. The Mindkoo earphones feature three listening modes, Quiet limiting the sound to 75dB, Normal Mode for up to 85dB and Loud Mode for up to 94 dB, so the ears of your kid to be protected from loud music that could cause problem to their ability to hear well. The earphones despite the fact that are wireless, something that helps he kids listening to music, audio books or stories more easily, can be connected to your mobile or other device with the audio cable that is included inside.

In the package as I told you, you can find a beautiful yellow soft pouch where you can store after their use the earphones.

On the earphones all you can find is the power button, the + or – button for the volume, the slot for the usb cable for charging the battery and the slot for the audio cable. The earphones feature a battery that can last for 15.5 hours and you will need about 2 hours after that to be fully charged.

You can check and my video review I made with the help of my son who loved them!

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