Review of the RITECH VMAX VR Pro Version – A Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Headset for 4.7-6′ Mobile Phones


The new RITECH VMAX VR Pro Version is the latest version of the 3D glasses that the company only recently announced.


The new RITECH VMAX VR Pro Version is made out of ABS and the leather is covered with high-quality buffer cotton. The dimensions of the glasses are 19 x 11.6 x 10.2cm and weights just 310 grams. The glasses are constructed in such a way that can support mobiles 4-6 inches and the shell doesn’t exceed the dimensions of 160mm x 82mm.


The new RITECH VMAX VR Pro Version features 96 degrees FOV and can operate with Android and IOS mobiles, The VMAX VR Pro feature a binocular parallax, so the left and right parallax images on the screen were left to the left and right eyes, in order to achieve in the ordinary display of 3D images. The lens are Aspheric, so the optical resin refers specifically to the lens (PMMA).


The latest model of the new RITECH VMAX VR Pro Version comes with new features, upgraded. IF you want to have the ideal own theater movie, try this one. You will find it at Banggood for only 18.99$!


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