Review of the SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera (Multiple coupons included)


SJcam is a well known company that makes action cameras. The new creation of SJcam, the SJCam SJ4000, someone could say that is a copy of the GoPro, but at a much lower price which seems to do a lot of things!



SJCam SJ4000 one could easily say that is a clone of the GoPro, but is a very good clone. The camera looks very much alike the GoPro Hero 3, but it has slightly different dimensions. This is way you can not use the waterproof case of Go Pro with the SJcam. The camera is equipped at the back with a TFT LCD Display of 1.5 inch with 960 x 240 dots matrix, where you can see what you are shooting and surf around the menu. The camera is equipped with an HDMI which supports 1920 x 1080P @60 output With CEC. The camera comes out in red, silvery, yellow, black, white, golden and blue. Except from the HDMI, we can find a USB 2.0 port and a storage card slot supporting up to 32GB, where you are going to need it, since it has no internal storage. Comes with many accessories, such as bicycle stand, helmet mount, base mount, bandage and many more. You can use the camera for extreme sport without any problem, since it can be mounted on helmet, bike, car windshield, and other similar.The dimensions of the camera are 6 x 4.2 x 3cm and weights just 42g(without battery).



SJCam SJ4000 features Wi-Fi function. Using this function, we can see what we are shooting from our mobile or operate the camera. With the waterproof case, using the underwater mode we can shoot images and video to up to 30 meters deep without any problem. The camera features multiple photo shooting modes, like Single shot and Snapper. It can record video up to 1080P. The image sensor that the camera features is a 3:2 CMOS 3.0 MP (Aptina0330). The camera is equipped with Mic and Speaker (Mono). Images can be viewed if they are Jpeg, Audio PCM 48KHZ 16bit and Video H.264 High.



SJCam SJ4000 comes with a detachable 900mAh battery which is not compatible with GoPro, The battery is Li-ion rechargeable.



SJCam SJ4000 is a very good camera with good specs. My opinion is to have a look at it, specially now that Christmas are coming., the specialists at photography, are giving to our readers couple coupons to use and buy and the SJCam SJ4000. For the camera only, you can use the coupon code IGEEK5 and the final price of the camera will drop down to 56.99USD. For Christmas, depending on the amount that you are going to spent, check these coupon to get them with a lower price.
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