Review of the SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus Camera with Waterproof Case (Coupon included)


The SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus Camera is a mini camera, with the ability of shooting at 2K (2560*1440) and taking pictures at 12MP, supporting Wifi, cycle recording, anti-shake mode, motion detection and car mode.



The SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus Camera comes with a waterproof case that you can use up to 30m deep to take underwater images and video. The camera is equipped at the rear side with an LCD screen of 1.5″, from where you can see what you are shooting and surf around the menu of the camera. The camera is compatible with your pc, so you can use it as a PC camera. You can use the camera for your extreme activities, like cycle recording or you can use it as a security camera since it supports motion detection. With the anti-shake mode you will have steady images and of course you can use the camera as car mode. The camera supports external storage up to 32GB maximum, so you can easily store all your images and video in the card and is equipped with a USB 2.0 slot. The camera comes out in Black, Silver, White, Red, Gold, Blue and Yellow. The dimensions of the camera are just 6 x 4 x 2.5cm and weights only 64 grams.



The SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus Camera as we have already said can shoot video at 2K (2560 x 1440) resolution using the 170 degrees wide angle. The camera comes with a 12 megapixel sensor with which you can take marvelous photos. The camera can shoot at 2K with 30fps, 1080P@60fps, 1080P@30fps, 720P@120fps, 720P@60fps and 720P@30fps. The camera features built-in WiFi. With this feature, using the app that comes with the camera you can control the camera from your mobile and see what you are shooting or change the menu as you like. The camera features a DSP Novatek 96660 and the sensor is a AR0330. The images are saved as JPG and the video in MP4 format. The camera can digitally zoom up to 4 times and for the video uses the H.264 codec. The SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus can shoot images in Single Shot, Self-timer mode or Continuous shooting.



The SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus comes with a detachable battery of 900mAh, which can give you enough power to shoot whatever you want.



The SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus camera is a really tiny camera that can shoot at 2k and take great photos. This proposal comes from, so when they propose the camera they know what they say. You can order it from but don’t forget to use our coupon code SJ4000PLUS15, so you will get a $15 discount and the final price will become $87.99.


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