Review of the Solar Light URPOWER – A 12 LED Outdoor Solar Powered Light (w/ super special price)


The Solar Light URPOWER comes to give light at dark areas that mainly have no electricity, since it gets its power from the sun.

The Solar Light URPOWER is a Wall Sconces type lamp that can be easily placed. It is equipped with rechargeable batteries. The lamp uses LED to give light, since they have very little consumption and give very bright light.

The lamp is waterproof with IP rating IP65, so you don’t have to fear for the rain or snow that might damage your lamp. This kind of lamp is ideal for your garden, hallway, garage or a pathway. The lamp contains 12 LEDs that give a warm white light to see without any problem in front of you.

If you don’t want to work, there is an ON/OFF switch that you can use. The lamp is made out of good quality plastic, that can uptake any hard weather conditions. The lamp has dimensions 8.9 x 11.5 x 3.8 and weights just 0.12kg.

The Solar Light URPOWER is an essential gadget for your house, without any cost since it doesn’t use electricity, to keep your dark areas of your house with light. We found the lamp over to, so you can go over there and get it at the super special price of $6.99. If by any chance you live is USA or Australia, there is free shipment for you.


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