Review of the Super Mini Compact Handy Handheld Sticky Adhesive Hands-free Pocket Camera (Coupon included)


With this super mini camera you will be able to record moments of your life with your friends and family, easily since it has a sticky adhesive material. The camera can provide up to 10MP with 120° wide angle. Features built-in wifi with which can connect with your mobile and through it see what you are recording in real time and control your camera.



The super mini camera comes out in 3 colors, red, white and blue. The equipped lens come with a 120° wide angle for shooting images and video. At the one side there is a 1/4” screw hole to use it with a selfie stick and next to it is a port for connecting a usb 2.0 cable for charging and getting the data. The dimensions of the super mini camera are 4.5 x 4 x 3.9cm and weights only 67 grams. The camera is equipped with a magnetic & sticky double-side sheet, in order to leave it anywhere you want to start shooting images or video. The magnetic base can mount on mental surfaces for easy use. The reusable sticker cover on the opposite side of the magnetic base, can be attached on different material surface, like wood, glass, wall or plastic and is enough strong to keep your camera safe at place.



The super mini camera can shoot videos in 720P with the 120 degrees wide angle lens that we have already mention before, so you can record all those moments with friends and family you want to keep for ever. The camera can take pictures with a max resolution up to 10MP. With the built-in wifi and using your mobile you will be able to see what you are recording and control the camera in a such way to shoot only what you want. In order to do that you will have to use a multi-functional app that comes with the camera. In order to save all these data, the camera supports memory card Class10 with the total storage up to 32GB. The camera supports avi for video and jpeg for images.



The super mini camera comes with a built-in battery of 600mAh. The power of the battery is enough for many hours of usage. In order to recharge it, you will need this usb 2.0 port.



The super mini camera is super small, portable, easy to use and control and easy to leave at a place and start taking videos and images, because of the magnetic & sticky double-side sheet. If you want to keep those precious moments with friends and family, go to and buy the super mini camera. Don’t forget to use our coupon FB3OFF and have 3% off at the final price!


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