Review of the tiny LONG CZ C3 CellPhone – A tiny mobile with big potentials!


The LONG CZ C3 is not long, I can assure you for that. Is the tiniest mobile that I have seen, but with a lot of potentials for its size!


The LONG CZ C3 comes out in two colors, red and black. The mobile is made out of plastic and comes with a screen display of 0.66 inch! The size of this tiny mobile is just 7 x 2.3 x 1.2cm and weights only 24 grams! As a design it will remind you the old NOKIA mobiles, like NOKIA 3310.


The LONG CZ C3 features BT3.0 for connecting with other devices. It can store up to 500 contacts and can use ringtones, vibration for alarming the owner. It also supports mute mode and a special feature that the company names it Magic Sound. Features a big voice speaker for its size, with 13 styles of voice, that can definitely meet your various needs. It features a special function, if you don’t answer after 10 sec, it can call 3 SOS numbers.


The LONG CZ C3 is equipped with a 500mAh Poly-li battery. I know that it sounds very little if we want to compare it with batteries like 3000 or 4000 but don;t forget that we are speaking for a tiny mobile with almost 0 needs. For that according to the company we can have 6-7 hours talking time, hear 6 hours music, 8-9 days standby time. You will need about 3 hours to fully charge the mobile.


The LONG CZ C3 is the tiniest mobile that I have seen. Despite the fact that is so small, it has many features that makes it fully operational. You will find it at for the equally smallest price of 22.99€!


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