Review of the Viltrox C-AF 2X Teleplus Len – How to bring closer your photo targets! (Coupon included)


The Viltrox C-AF 2X TELEPLUS has the ability to bring closer objects at a big distance. It can increase to 2 times the focal length, without changing the EXIF information. C-AF 2X is specially made to use for 100mm or more fixed focal length lens, as it is not recommend for use in less than 60mm of short-focus lens.


The Viltrox C-AF 2X TELEPLUS can be used with Canon EF-Mount Lens. Magnifies by 2 times the objects keeping the depth of the field at half. The lens are made out of 7 glasses at 4 groups. The lens are multi-coated with the exposure factor to be approximately 4 times. The dimensions of the lens are 6.7 x 6.7 x 6.7cm and weights just 159.5 grams.


The Viltrox C-AF 2X TELEPLUS is made by that what that is compatible with the Canon EF-Mount 100mm and many other lens (Perfect for 200 ~ 500mm lens, lens under 60mm is not recommended). It has the ability to increwase the original focus length up to 2 times. The lens supports AF function and by this way there is no need for the Exif to change.


If you like to shoot objects that are in a distance, you must get the Viltrox C-AF 2X TELEPLUS. proposal is ideal for all of us that want perfect shots from a distance. So if you where searching something like that, go over to and order it. Don’t forget to use and our coupon code IGEEK5 when you place the order, so you will have a discount at the final price.


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