Review of the Virtual Reality Headset BOBO with Bluetooth Remote Gamepad


The Virtual Reality Headset BOBO is equipped with a BT remote gamepad so to cooperate with the headset. They are made out of plastic the main part and of resin the lens. Comes out in black and it is adjustable. The VR come with multiple heat dissipation, with diopter adjustment. The Bobo VR headset feature 120 degrees of view with HiFi sound.

The remote control that comes with the headset, can help control a game that you might be playing or at a movie that you can watch. They are very useful, you will understand it right a way.

The Virtual Reality Headset BOBO look very easy to use and with the help of the remote control you can watch a movie or play a game very easily. You can find the VR headset at the Lightinthebox for only 33.31€.



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