Review of the Wewow G3 – A Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal (Coupon included)


The Wewow G3 is a 3-axis gimbal, that will give you the most stable image when you are running or executing your most extreme idea! Equipped with a powerful CPU for gimbal, a 32bit digital control panel and magnetic induction type digital encoder positioning technology. The motor is very silent when it is used, providing many moving modes and direction control joystick.


The Wewow G3 comes with a Tilt / pan / roll direction control joystick. With it you can easily move the camera to the wanted shooting direction very steadily. The gimbal is made off aluminum alloy upper part, which can be separate from the ABS handle for multiple mounting ways if and when it is needed for the shooting. The grip has an ergonomic shape and is made with a non-slip design so you can hold it even in most difficult situations without any problem.


The Wewow G3 is equipped with 3-axis. The CPU & 32bit digital control panel that features delivers high standards to the user. It is compatible with any action camera that you might have such as GoPro Hero 4/3+/3, SJ6/5 and other of similar size. The motor featured is silent, so won’t disturb your shooting with unnecessary noise and features multiple moving modes, so you can take the needed shot as needed when needed.


The Wewow G3 is equipped with 2 x 18350 900mAh 3.7V Battery. The power from the batteries is enough for 3-6 hours of use and this is because is of low power consumption. The gimbal features with a low battery indicator so to use the charger that comes in the package.


The Wewow G3 is the ideal handheld gimbal. Will help you execute any shot that you might thought, easily. The G3 you can find it of course at where they do specialize in photography accessories. Only don’t forget to use the special coupon code that I give you – IGEEK5, so the final price to drop down to $189.99! 

Update on September 21
Use coupon code: WZPD4494 and 200 points for Wewow G3 Gimbal at $137.6


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